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Remote Controlled Toys

Updated on October 22, 2011

Remote controlled toys are a hit with kids and teenagers as well. In this article, we bring you some of the most famous remote controlled toys for kids such as remote controlled (RC) cars, boats, planes and helicopters, etc.

I have always shared a particular bond with remote controlled toys which remains as strong as ever till today. I just love the feeling of unadulterated joy that one acquires when playing with remote controlled toys.

The quantity of realism involved, the thrill and the undying interest which makes you like to play with them for hours on end. For those of you who are not all that familiar with remote controlled toys for kids, read on to know more about remote controlled toys.

RC truck.
RC truck.

Different Types of Remote Controlled Toys for Kids

Remote controlled toys or RC toys, as they are usually referred to, are available in many variants such as: remote control vehicles, remote control helicopters, remote control boats, remote control aircrafts, remote control water cannons and remote control robots etc.

Remote Controlled (RC) Cars

Remote controlled cars and remote controlled toys in general are becoming gradually more popular among the children. People lean to think that RC airplanes, RC cars and RC toys are very costly hobbies - and yes, it used to be, but these days you can really go buy a quality RC car kit including both radio and car for less than $300. 

RC Cars.
RC Cars.

So come and join the enjoyment and fun, the world of RC hobbies is no longer reserved just for professionals. RC cars are exceeding speeds of 80 mph and let you experience speed impede.

Or how about driving that large truck through the off-road way with the dirt spraying from the tires? No matter what’s your passion is I am assure you will find gratification in the world of RC hobbies. Airplanes, boats, rockets, helicopters offer other and individual challenges in both controlling and building the models. 

RC Helicopter.
RC Helicopter.

Remote Controlled (RC) Helicopters

RC helicopters are absolutely fun to fly and play with it. Not only kids, but people of all age groups are fond of them. They vary in model, size and features.

As a consequence, potential buyers can not make up their mind on which one to purchase. For assessing the best ones within their budget, they also have to refer to the RC helicopter reviews on the Internet or check them out you at some local store of toys.

RC Plane.
RC Plane.

Remote Controlled (RC) Planes

Flying in the air, confer you the message of freedom and of being set free. This is also the feeling you achieve, when you fly your remote controlled (RC) plane for the very first time and thereafter.

Your experiences are exclusive for each one of you. The favorite hobby of a child is of flying an RC plane is not only about flying around, but also flying high and high in the sky.

Whether you are a child or a child by heart, this activity is for anyone that wishes to have fun. When I was smaller I enjoyed playing with one of the RC planes. 

These days, I just love the RC cars, but my passion has more directed towards the sky. RC helicopters and airplanes are the big toys of boys in the RC hobbies world.

When your airplane has some trouble, or you notice a broken wing, you will be capable to repair and put it together with comfortably.

Your hobby could also comprise a whole set of RC airplanes. So, treat yourself, once you have attained the confidence in flying. People will really envy your collection and attempts.

Remote Controlled (RC) Boats

Remote controlled boats, hovercrafts, speedboats, etc., are realistic miniature working models and they can be rather entertaining for children who are captivated by water vessels.

Personally, I would always suggest or recommend remote controlled toys for kids, not just because they are great to play with, but also because they serve the aim of toys in their education also. They are a best way of educating a child about technology and its uses. Rather a clever way of both play and work as well, don't you think it is?

RC boat in action.
RC boat in action.

A Powerful RC Boat In Action


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    • saif113sb profile image

      saif113sb 6 years ago

      Good work and great information. Thanks

    • rcgal profile image

      rcgal 7 years ago

      I love the boat in the video-its got some zip. The crash was fast, too!

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      My boys all got a remote control helicopter for Christmas. It's so cool.

    • profile image

      Loomyx 7 years ago

      its good 2 be good always