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Remote control helicopters, aeroplanes, flying toys, petrol operated airplanes

Updated on January 9, 2016

For great thrills and and positive excitement, learn to fly your own remote controlled helicopter or aeroplane. Add on a mini wireless camera and watch on screen where you are going.

These are boys toys, of all ages, hours of fun, from ready made and ready to fly to kit forms where you build and paint your own.

Remote Control Helicopters

 Battery operated helicopters are a great introduction for learner flyer's. Although limited on the distance that they can fly from the base unit, these offer an insight into the model flying world. Excellent for children, these machines can fly in calm weather, when it gets a little windy they tend to fly off with the wind and you have to run after them. The battery life is limited to less than an hour, mostly about 30 minutes, before you have to recharge fully. Before getting carried away and buying a petrol helicopter, try your hand at a battery powered one, these are cheaper and if you get bored, then at least you have not spent out to much. But if you really like it, invest in a petrol powered remote control helicopter. The difference is you get more flying time between each refill, the helicopter can go further away from the remote control base unit, it is heavier and more sturdy and can be flown in light to moderate winds. Some enthusiasts have even attached mini wireless cameras underneath to add to the excitement.

Remote control planes.

Some of theses planes are so awe-inspiring. Wingspans can range from 60cm to 4m. There is a growing worldwide enthusiasts club for this remote control petrol aeroplanes. There are hundreds of different models from world war one fighters like the Red Barren and the ever faithful Tiger Moth, passenger liners and Harrier Jump Jets and the fearsome F16 fighter, even a MiG. Whatever your taste, there is bound to be a plane to suit it. Excellent fun, one of the most ultimate boy toys ever created. Try to find a club local to you and go along for a visit, take the kids as an excuse, take a look at these powerful machines in all their glory, fantastic to watch. The skill involved in landing one of these giant toys is unbelievable. The fighter planes are sturdy enough to loop the loop, barrel rolls and the racing is exhilarating. Seeing these planes in action, is awe-some, take a day out to watch, you will get the bug and want to join this fat growing addiction. As you will see in nearly every video shown on the internet, the battery operated remote control aeroplanes are always indoors, this is because the will fly away in a light breeze, for outdoor use, a petrol powered aeroplane is the best choice.


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