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How To Replace A Playstation 3's (PS3) Power Supply Slim Or Fat

Updated on October 13, 2011

Is your Playstation 3 power supply broken?  How can you tell?  How hard is it to replace your PS3 power supply?  Fear not dear gamer!  Replacing a Playstation 3 power supply is easy.  It can be done in about 20 minutes.

Is Your Playstation 3 Power Supply Broken?

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A PS3 Fat Power Supply
A PS3 Fat Power Supply
A PS3 Slim Power Supply
A PS3 Slim Power Supply

Is the Playstation 3's Power Supply Broken?

If you heard a loud popping noise before the PS3 shut down, without a doubt it's a problem with the power supply. Usually this popping sound is caused by the fuses in the power supply busting open. This can be caused by lightning storms and power surges. You gotta have surge protectors!  A tell-tale sign of blown fuses is a green substance all over the inside of the power supply. If you are experienced with electronics and soldering then you can simply buy new fuses and throw them on. If you aren't confident in your electronics skills then you can simply repace the entire power supply.  First, check a few more simple solutions.

Next, it goes without saying, plug your Playstation 3 into a new outlet and try turning it on. Don't be ashamed if you made a simple mistake. Sometimes the problem can be with your electricity and not the Playstation 3 itself.

Also, try replacing the power cable on your PS3. Usually you can find a similar model on your computer tower, printer, or just run to the local Radioshack or Best buy. You can always return the cable if it doesn't work.

Should I Open My Playstation 3 Console?

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Won't that void my warranty?

If you have a valid warranty do not work on your Playstation 3 yourself! If you void your warranty, you won't be able to send it away if you encounter any other problems.

On the other hand, if your console is relatively old then don't be afraid. You are fully capable of fixing your problem.

What Will I Need?

The tools you'll need to heal your ailing PS3 are fairly simple:

  • Phillips head screwdrivers
  • T8 Torx Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • New Playstation 3 Power Supply

Removing Warranty Sticker And Rubber Foot

Now that you've made the decision to void your warranty let's get started.  There is a rubber foot on the left hand side of the console, right above where the hard drive is.  Remove it using your fingers or gently with a screwdriver or pliers.

Removing The Rubber Foot.
Removing The Rubber Foot.

Remove Outer Case

In the newly revealed hole that was once filled with the rubber foot there is a screw that holds the outer case.  Take your T8 Torx screwdriver and remove it.  Once it is loose the cover will be able to slide up and then off.

The Screws Inside Your Playstation 3
The Screws Inside Your Playstation 3

Removing Inner Case

There is just one more step before you hit your PS3's guts, the outer case. As shown in the above picture, there are 7 total screws attaching the case. 6 of those screws are long and are shown in red. The 7th screw is smaller and is shown in blue. Remove all 7 screws with a Phillip's head screwdriver.  After all the screws are removed, set them aside where you will not lose them.

Pull up on the case from the back until it snaps up and off.  This may take some force but don't worry, if all the screws have been removed the case should come off safely.

The Screws On The Card Reader
The Screws On The Card Reader

Removing The Card Reader

The card reader stands in front of the power supply and needs to be removed before you can access it.  There are 2 screws holding it on that can be removed with a Phillip's head screwdriver.  After the screws are removed, carefully set the card reader to the side.  There's no need to unplug or touch any of the card reader's wiring.

The Plug On The Rear Of The Power Supply
The Plug On The Rear Of The Power Supply

Remove Power Supply

There are 5 screws fastening the power supply, remove them with a Phillip's head screwdriver.  The screws are highly visible and are the only screws attached to tabs surround the power supply. 

After the screws are removed, carefully unplug the two wires attached to the front and back of the power supply.  After the wires are removed the power supply will be ready to be lifted out.

Congratulations!  You've just removed your Playstation 3's power supply!

Ordering A New Power Supply

If you are in need of a new power supply one can be found easily on eBay or Amazon. Many sellers on eBay make an entire business out of refurbishing used PS3 parts.

The parts number for the original Fat PS3's will be zssr5391a.

The parts number on a slim PS3 will be APS-250. The power supply on a slim is a universal power supply and should fit any PS3 slim. The unit will attach slightly differently but the general principle is the same.

Note on PS3 Slim Models

The PS3 Slim models are redesigned but you can take what you've learned here and apply it just the same.

The bottom of the PS3 Slim will be lined with rubber feet, remove them and unscrew all the screws underneath.  Remove the outer case by pulling up from the back of the Playstation 3.  The power supply will be plainly visible.  It is attached by 2 screws.  Remove the screws and unattach the 2 wires connected to the power supply.  Congrats!  You just removed your power supply!


Now all there is left to do is pop in your new power supply and screw all the covers back on.

Make sure to follow all of the on screen prompts when your PS3 turns back on.

Happy gaming!


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      Great step by step guide, I've already had to do this twice (once for mine and once for a friends) which I used a YouTube video for.

    • profile image

      Joseph 3 years ago

      This was so informative and perfect step by step layout I'm the most u tech savy there is but I flew through this with ease . Thank u so much!