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Reproduction Antique Furniture | Hoosier Cabinets | Sewing Cabinets | Spool Cabinets

Updated on July 14, 2012

Amish Reproductions of the famous Hoosier Baker cabinet, J & P Coats Spool Cabinets and Singer Treadle sewing machine cabinet can be purchased from this unique online store.

The Amish are well known for their high quality craftsmanship but finding these cottage based shops is not easy as they are all over the country.

The Amish still live in the horse and buggy age, so Internet searches will not locate their shops either.

Cottage Craft Works owners have spent years in the Amish communities discovering various Amish shops producing high quality furniture items.

Cottage Craft Works has a long list of Amish cottage based business who make several reproduction items exclusively for Cottage Craft Works.

Best of all each furniture item is handcrafted with each order received so they can be custom built to meet individual needs in design, taste in finish and d├ęcor.

Sewing machine cabinets is a specialty with full size sewing work centers to the reproduction of the famous treadle sewing machine cabinet; it is the only Amish made one like it on the Internet custom built to fit the Janome 712T treadle sewing machine.

The J & P Coats spool thread cabinets are exclusively made by the Amish for this back-to-basics on line store, with a reproduction J & P Coats merchant desk cabinet currently in production.

Roll top desk can be custom ordered, as well as other Amish furniture not listed on the site. Custom designed furniture and cabinetry can be built to your specifications.

The famous Jefferson Chair, which some also call the bachelor chair is a reproduction of the famous folding ironing board, chair and step stool combination believed to be originally designed by Thomas Jefferson.

The Jefferson Chair is still very handy to have around today. It works well in the large walk in closets to reach the upper clothes racks, give the clothes a quick iron and then sit down to put on the socks and shoes.

The Jefferson Chair is also perfect for RVs and apartment dwellers who seek multipurpose furniture that takes up very little floor space.

Mission and shaker style furniture is the most prominent Amish styles made, but other styles can be duplicated and reproduced using pictures or sketches of antique items.

You can purchase Amish reproduction furniture at Cottage Craft Works .com


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