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Resident evil series for Playstation a must have

Updated on February 16, 2012

Resident evil series

Everyone or majority know of resident evil as being one of the best series of games in history. Not only have they made this series a fan favorite, but also turned the series into multiple movies. Having the games and the movie take different directions, they both still allowed you to venture in a apocalyptic world of zombies, that will terrify you at every turn. What started as bio hazard in Japan, has moved to the united states in a multiple great list of action packed horror, that will keep even the bravest on their toes.

Resident evil 1 the beginning

For anyone who has not played the game for the playstation console or the remake for gamecube, you're in diary need to purchase this game. Resident evil 1 starts off with the option to select two characters. Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Al though what seems like it is remotely the same, their paths go different direction in the game. You start off on the outskirts of a mansion that the main characters are being attacked by vicious deformed eating dogs. The projects name is Cerberus and then they make a break for the mansion. Upon entering the mansion depending on what character you choose to pick have different availability to the story. For instance if you pick Jill Valentine you enter the mansion with Barry Burton, Jill Valentine, and Albert Wesker. If you choose to pick Chris Redfield you enter the mansion with Jill, Chris, and Albert. Although the story lines for each characters appear to be the same, they are not. If you choose to pick Jill Valentine you are never introduced to another character Rebecca Chambers. The infamous piano playing of moonlight sonata to retrieve an emblem sways in different directions. If you play as Jill you're able to play the piano yourself, as opposed to Chris, which is not able to play the piano. Rebecca chamber is then introduced to help you with this problem to retrieve the emblem. The game offers multiple gory cinematic scenes and game view that will pound your heart through your body. Whether you survive is up to you on the outcome of how you preserve your ammo and take a strategic role to survive to the very end.

Resident evil 2

My favorite in the series was released to playstation as well, taking you to the incident of the mansion and how it followed to the raccoon city, to the police department. This game also as the first one offered two different story lines that followed Claire Redfield (sister to Chris) and Leon S Kennedy (raccoon police officer). The story of Claire is she comes to Raccoon city to search for her lost brother Chris and happens to get mixed up in the outbreak that fell upon the city. Leon S Kennedy is a new recruit for the police department who on the first day dispatched to the city also is caught up in the mess of zombies. When the game begins whether which story line you choose to pick, follows the same scene where Claire and Leon first meet. they're then separated by an accident that caused a fire then decide to meet in the police department. When you play as Claire in the story line you are introduced to a little girl Named Sherry. She is the daughter of William Birkin who was transferred to the underground facility of raccoon city to work on what we know as the G-virus. The main Idea of the game is that Sherry is running from a her father William in which he wants to implant the G-virus into her embryo, twisted I know! Claire offers protection to the little girl, who after awhile of playing you become very aggravated with. Sherry often runs from Claire in the beginning in hopes of running away from her father who injected the G-virus into himself and becomes a monster. You play as the little girl for a moment to retrieve a key to some of the areas in the facility. When you play as Leon S Kennedy the story take a change for the best in my opinion. A monster that is not offered in the original story line of Claire is introduced in the story of Leon in which the monster follows you almost everywhere and is impossible to avoid. You meet a new character as well in the story line such as Ada Wong, who was a undercover spy of umbrella to steal the G-virus from William Berkin, who is not offered in the story line of Claire. Although the characters have different motives the basic goal for both main characters is to survive the incident and make it to a train after being confronted by the monster William who was injected with the G-virus. The games offers new monsters such as the lickers and a huge disgusting alligator that will put you on the edge of your seat.

Resident evil 3

Resident evil 3 strayed away from allowing you to select different characters as you are only allowed to choose Jill Valentine. Whether they wanted to allow you to focus on the main objective at hand or they wished to dedicate a whole story line just to this character. This game offered the game play of what was happening in the city at the time of the incident. Where the first took place in the mansion, the second in the police department, this one allowed you to venture around the city in hopes of surviving a disgusting horror that will thrill and chill every bone in your body. Obviously the main goal is to survive, which becomes almost impossible when they introduced a hideous monster Nemesis. Nemesis was brought into the picture to take out the remaining Stars that lived the incident in the mansion to keep exposure to the umbrella corporation. One concept they brought to the game that is different from the others is the fact at certain time frames you we're put in a situation in where you have to choose between two options. You are given only a brief moment to choose between two outcomes in which will dictate how the scenario will play out. Example in the beginning when Jill reaches the Raccoon police department on the outside you first confronted with Nemesis. You have two options either run into the police department or fight the monster head on. If you choose to fight the monster and succeed on taking him down, you are allowed to access a key card. If you choose to run yes you are safe for a moment, but you also have to back track to get the key card. The game offered a different style of game play as well when avoiding attacks from zombies or monsters, allowing you to dodge and push an enemy back and avoid attacks that the other Resident evils did not. What made me like this game so much was the fact Nemesis was always there. Whether he jumped out a window, or busted through a wall, when the music begin to play the game players new it was time to change tactics and run from this hideous monster. Since the monster was always there, whether you subdued him for a moment, you did not effectively kill the monster only allowed him to be temporarily paralyzed. The character must undergo a series of unfortunate events in hopes of making it to a cathedral to aboard a helicopter after finally coming head to head with the beast in its true disgusting form.

Also avaliable on gamecube

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