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Resident 6 Will Feature Cooperative Campaign With 4-Player Co-op Sections

Updated on June 7, 2012

Campaign in Resident Evil 6 Will Be Co-op

Resident Evil 6 will feature a 2-player cooperative campaign, similar to Resident Evil 5. The game will have 3 campaigns and Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield make a return as the main characters. This is the first time in Resident Evil history that both Chris and Leon are in the same game together. They will not be partners, however. Both Leon and Chris will be accompanied by new characters.

Resident Evil 6 Special 4-Player Cooperative Sections

During certain parts of the campaign, there will be sections where you can team up with 2 other players, making the game 4-player coop temporarily. When you get to this part, the game will ask if you wish to have other players online join you and your cooperative partner. If you choose not to, then there will be AI controlled team mates instead. The only problem that players might run into is that they might not be able to find other players who are at the same part of the campaign as them. At that point, they may just have to continue playing with the AI controlled characters.

Resident Evil 6 Horror or Action Game?

Ever since Resident Evil 4, the Resident Evil franchise has been more action oriented. While there were horror elements to both games, a large portion of the games had action. Resident Evil 4, however, had much more suspense and horror than 5. But the question still stands, will Resident Evil 5 be horror or action? According to the game trailers, it appears to be focused on more action. The Leon S. Kennedy campaign, however, is supposed to feature more "horror elements" (low ammo, slow moving zombies, scary moments etc.). The other 2 campaigns are supposedly going to feature more action and shooting elements.

Capcom may be trying to appeal to both types of fans. Many long time fans of the Resident Evil Franchise prefer the horror, while many newer generation fans prefer the fast paced action. Some fans like both. Hopefully, there will be a balance between horror and action

Do you prefer the Resident Evil Horror Aspect or Action?

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Drop-In Drop-Out Cooperative in Resident Evil 6

Note that players will be able to join Resident Evil 6 games that are already in-progress. They will also be able to leave the game when they want -- leaving the other player with an AI controlled companion.

Even if you play Resident Evil 6 alone, the game should still be enjoyable, just as long as the AI is intelligent.

Resident Evil 6 will be available in October 2012.


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