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Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire's Walk-Through A Campaign

Updated on February 10, 2019
JynBranton profile image

An old-school gamer, Jennifer Branton enjoys her Nintendo games on the Switch when taking a break from survival horror and RPG titles.

The Infection Is Already Outside Of City Limits

As Claire pulls into the same gas station where Leon also begins his campaign in Resident Evil 2 Remake there is an instant feeling of dread. A police car is left abandoned outside and the clerk of the store is found moments later on the floor holding a nearly fatal wound in their neck.

There is nothing to pick up in the first room, and note the locked door behind the cash register that you will have to retrieve a key for. Claire goes the way that employee points, stumbling on a police officer being attacked by a zombie. Either put a few rounds in the zombie, or dash past, which is the smarter choice.

Claire begins to show at this stage that her weapons differ from what Leon Kennedy is packing, and the SL 60 9 mm packs more of a punch that what we get for Leon. Still only with a half dozen bullets and no more to be found in the area, run from the zombie to the desk at the end of the room and grab the key surrounded by girly posters.

You can't run past the zombie or the police officer the way you came even if you waste all your ammo, so use the key and come out from behind the cash register and work your way to the door. The clerk has now changed and some of the zombies from the highway start to filter in and soon Claire is overwhelmed but luckily Leon has stopped to gas up his jeep. They instead jump in the police car rather than either vehicle they arrived in, Claire's Harley Davidson is nowhere to be seen once she emerges from the gas station for some reason.

Discovering that they share the Raccoon City Police force in common, Claire looking for her brother, Chris Redfield, a S.T.A.R.S. member that survived the first game, and Leon the unlucky rookie that just started the job, the pair go to the police station only to have the trucker from the cut scene interrupt their chat.

Split up by the wall of fire, Claire must run through the streets filled with hungry zombies and little ammo. Keep moving and stop the alley on the left side of the screen. Once Claire takes the stairs, run and dodge the zombies blocking the entrance to the station and lock the gate behind you.


Just as the original, staying in motion on the streets of Raccoon City is the best plan of action and not to waste the bullets that are sparing inside. Dodge the zombies that block the gate. These zombies are fast, and if you have to use a bullet, keep in mind the re-imagined monsters take many head shots to go down with the handgun. If you have to waste a bullet and can't polish off a clean head shot, instead take out a leg or arm to keep the zombie back with the bullet and dash inside.


Who Turns An Art Museum Into A Police Station

Like everything in Raccoon City, the police station is re-purposed. A former art museum many of the exhibits still remain in the station and play into some of the puzzles that need to be solved for Claire to acquire more weapons, items, and open passages into the next areas.

The reception desk has some goodies already in stock and based on if your game is a pre-order, some extras including the S.T.A.R.S. edition Samurai Edge guns, that if examined differ for each member. Switching out guns will hold more ammo, but be advised the add ons found for the guns in the game are only component parts to the SL 60 and Claire can not use these items if she takes the Samurai Edge along. Two guns using the same ammo make no sense, so stick with the SL 60 until the sections using the handguns are pretty much pointless.

The entry way shows several routes Claire can take, the first blocked with a gate and electronic panel taped, the other across a space where she can raise a electronic fire shutter. Going up the staircase that didn't appear in the original gives two upstairs doors one that is still locked with the same emblem as the door on the ground floor below it. The other opens to a waiting area with a plant, a safe, and some promotional information for Raccoon City, but you can not advance through the locked door.

Like the original, Claire also gets access to different keys than Leon as her campaign takes other ways through the police station so there are rooms that as Claire you will never get access to this time around.

Popping up the fire shutter, Claire comes into a flooded hallway where the first of many zombies start to appear, try to save using up all the ammo you have and run when you can trying doors and working a path through the rooms trying what doors will open. Note those that need the bolt cutters and keys later.

Pick up what items you can get on the East side and try to save the officer you see on the camera as he darts under a shutter only to get torn in half. Take his notebook which has worked out the statue puzzles.

Come back the way you came only to be saved by Marvin, who's part in the game has been significantly upgraded from his original appearance. Getting different dialogue than Leon, the officer is easier on Claire and urges her to leave him behind. She takes the knife after showing him the notes and opens the taped electrical box on the West side of the hallway.

Doing the same to gather items and try doors, be very careful in the hall and make use of the boards you find to close off windows as the zombies will break through otherwise and keep flooding the area.

Other than picking up items and finding a stair case that you can't progress past as the third floor ends in a puzzle with C4 and the second floor can only be accessed from a bathroom where steam is making the doorway impassable, go back to the main hallway by Marvin, go up the stairs and solve the Lion puzzle using the notebook.

To save on inventory space, put the medallion directly in the Goddess statue below and watch an animation of what the medallions do.

With two more to go, Claire must find a way to get the other two medallions, but first some keys need to be found and doors to be opened.

Head back to the West end and pick up the map in the Operations Room if you hadn't the first time around. Getting out a back door will put Claire next to the Safety Deposit room where you see a terminal of lockers where a grenade launcher can be picked up given the weapons key card. With missing keys, only some of the lockers can be opened now, so to upgrade inventory, Claire must find the two replacement keys both hidden behind locked doors.

In the West office, solve the puzzle to open Leon's desk, the clues are the name plates on the desk on either side. The locks should spell NED and MRG to pop them open and get a few more ammo rewards. Grab all the items and move on.

If you haven't already gotten the Spade key the first time through the police station after developing the film which gives hints on other locker combos, move upwards again, making sure to grab the personal safe from the locker room if you haven't already. This contains one of the terminal keys needed to get the items out of the safety deposit box.

With the Spade key, go in any direction and unlock doors again, there is really no wrong way to do the police station, with the ending objective getting the second medallion, finding the battery and detonator for the C4, and grabbing whatever items and upgrades you need before entering the parking garage.

The Spade key will give access to other areas which lead to finding the secrets of the library, and eventually the other side of the station beyond where the helicopter crashes.

Because Claire gets alternate access, how much of the items in the station you decide to stock up on is your choice just as how many alternate passageways you choose to open for yourself.

After getting the second medallion, you can choose to do the Art Room puzzle to get the USB dongle and S.T.A.R.S. badge to get an alternate gun for Claire, the machine gun which is powerful against some enemy types but uses too much ammo.

Now Lickers are on the prowl and the best way to get them down is using flame rounds. Acid rounds can pack a punch too, but don't always drop them.

Solve the last medallion puzzle upstairs and take off back to the Goddess statue. Unlike Leon getting a proper introduction to what Mr. X can do in the jail cells, Claire meets him with far less preparation so if he is already loose keep moving.

The only ways to outrun Mr. X is to put distance between you and listen for the audio cues and footsteps. He can be momentarily stunned with a lot of ammo wasted, but it isn't worth the fight. Trophy though for shooting the hat off his head.

Claire gets a much easier run in the parking garage area than Leon did. Two of the paths he takes are blocked and she must hunt around the two open areas to find a map, more ammo, a key that opens a police car trunk, and the a new way to access the Chief's office area, something that was out of bounds for Leon the entire A scenario. Because this event seems to be after Leon was in the area, most of the dogs and zombies that attack Leon are either dead or on the other side of locked doors.


The G And The GIrl

Finding the machinery room, Claire comes into her first first with William Burkin in his G virus form after being warned by a little girl cowering in the corner. Claire can't get through the same path as Leon but the fight is pretty much the same, popping Burkin in the eyes that are on his mutated body. He goes down without too much fuss. Follow the little girl for a path out.

In the parking garage, you finally meet Chief Irons, a character that only appears in Claire's story. He attacked Sherry and threatens to kill Claire. Slipping out the door with the girl, her locket is left behind.

With no other way to get under the gate and follow the two, Claire must get the parking pass in a way that Leon had not.

Going into the elevator for the Chief's office, you can find a route around to rooms that were on the other side of a shutter that can be opened as Leon but not as Claire.

Mr. X can not enter these rooms for some reason although you hear him close by. Use the chest and exchange out items as needed and follow around to the personal collection room.

See anything familiar? The parking garage puzzle that Leon faced is almost the same but the pass is in a locked cell behind an electronic circuit board. If you knew where to find the parts as Leon, it is similar for Claire.

Go to the clock tower and solve one puzzle to get the parts off the bell. If you have already gotten the Diamond key from the morgue off the garage and followed around until you had access to the Heart Key, you already have possession of the second electronic part needed.

The phone rings and Claire is directed to where Sherry is being held in an orphanage run by Umbrella where its heavily implied the children are used as experiments for the pharmaceutical company.

This is where Claire's campaign switches to its second player as Sherry. The area and the plot of the game play is new to Remake.


Unarmed, Sherry has a simple objective to get out of the orphanage. Solving a block puzzle and getting scissors, she busts out and follows around until she finds Irons with the body of the mayors daughter from the original. Unable to grab the key, Sherry must hide until the injured Irons runs to a bathroom. Grab the key and descend the stairs. The front door is locked, run back to where the key was first and Sherry will be saved by a reunion with dear daddy. But she isn't safe at all.

Taking It To The Streets

Claire's adventures to get Sherry precede the annoying sewers sections of the story and give a glimpse of what the redesign for the rumored to be in production Resident Evil 3 Nemesis might look like.

After one last attack in the parking garage, open the gate using the key card for the parking garage and run up the street to the end of the block where Leon and Ada have their encounter at the Kendo Gun Shop, a place in the original that hosts more game play, especially in 3.

Mr. X proves that he can come outside and its eerie to see how fitting Nemesis will be in the RE Engine. The hulking creature still can not be stopped and will keep swinging at Claire so make the best of it and wait for the zombies pounding on the fence to cause it to open and then carefully dodge them and Mr. X and slip inside.

Mr. X can not follow up the cat walk so after staring you down from the other side of the gate he will retreat back to the police station to be ready to attack you on the return.

This small outside area has beautiful design and more zombie dogs than what Leon faced near the kennel.

Keep in mind they can vault fences now and no one is truly safe. Reserve the machine gun bullets if possible and pop the dogs before you get too close to the gate and avoid the zombie woman that is near the dumpster.

The path isn't that bad and dart into the orphanage.

First go back to where Sherry had run down from when chased by Irons to score more items and a collectible. Then head into the Directors Office to be ambushed by Irons, whom will promptly die from his attack by Burkin.

Walk around until you find Sherry again only this time by the entrance of the sewers to face off with both Mr. X, who found another way down from the police station to greet you, and Annette Burkin showing the worst parental concern ever seen.

When Sherry gets away after the attack and Annette only proves to be interested in the science of the G evolution, Claire plays the sewer section similar to that of Leon except it is somewhat in reverse.

Still having to get all the major chess plugins to beat the area and get to the same garbage room where Leon saves the injured Ada, Claire has an easier time as the G adults and Juvenile G's die quickly from some well placed flame rounds.

Leon needs tons of ammo, but Claire with the more powerful weapons can get passed just fine without ever touching the machine gun. The Spark Shot stun gun is also available to Claire if you want, but with the heavy arsenal already strapped to the player, its really overkill in this scenario and I didn't find myself using it once.

Get to Sherry and use her wrist band to get into Nest.

Annette tells you that Sherry is infected and doesn't seem to care much about saving her daughter when there is the world to think about but she gives Claire clues that the antivirus is found in the Nest lab and decides to meet them there.

Using the cable car, the sequence with Claire is funny if you have on one of the alternate costumes as it does not catch that Claire isn't wearing a jacket so the dialogue and Sherry wearing a coat known from the first game appear even though you may be wearing the Noire, Elza Walker, or alternate Claire costumes.

Arriving at the Nest, place Sherry in the security room for safe keeping on a disgusting looking bed and like Leon find all the items and ways around the Nest using the upgrades for the bracelet.


The Nest

The last section of the game is classic Resident Evil with its diminished ammo and health supply so only heal before a boss fight, which there are many to come as the last few evaluations of the G that was William will appear.

Annette is a little more helpful then she is to Leon and takes a few shots when he first appears and gives Claire a little encouragement.

The first thing to do is get access to the other areas of the Nest from upgrading the bracelet so go in any rooms you can now, follow around until the Nap room. Put the upgrade into the bracelet from the arm sticking out the bed pod and take notice of the electronic box on the wall.

Make your way towards the only area you can access of blue security level, the greenhouse.

The Ivy Zombies are back but they are only of the easier enemies if you shoot at them from a far. You can waste a lot of ammo taking them down until they pop so instead a few acid rounds or flame rounds take them out for good. Notice the upgrade to the bracelet on a corpse stuck on a window.

Be sure to take the empty capsule and check out the computer puzzle which unlocks sections of the Nest.

The Nest area is very small and you back track many times to get the fluid needed to kill Plant 43, the bracelet upgrades and to solve radio frequency puzzles which open new paths around.

To do the three radio frequencies pay attention to the channel it must be on and use the two analog sticks to match up the frequency waves before inserting them into the wall. Frequencies will be MUF, OSS, and MURF in Claire's game.

When Claire get the pink bracelet upgrade from killing the plant, she finally has access to get to where the G virus is stored. Unlike Leon who found the case open, Claire gets to see what is really the purpose of Sherry's necklace and why Irons was so dead set about getting his hands on the child.

Claire finds Annette on the bridge as well as another attack from William in an evolved form that looks something like Mothra. Annette takes a few shots at him but she is attacked. Claire gives her the virus sample to go save Sherry and she shambles away.

The best way to keep alive in this fight is to use the acid rounds to get the G to take a knee and go one by one shooting out the eyes on his body. Avoid being smacked or having pieces of the room thrown at you as Claire can't take many hits and the two health items in the room are among the last three in the game and if you haven't been saving you are in for a world of hurt in the train section.

Finish the fight and back track to where Sherry is in the security room, now healed by Annette who dies on you. With her bracelet upgrade to the purple you can can finally head to the train.

With ten minutes until the eruption of the Nest as it self detonates, be advised to run rather than fight. On the path a few Ivy's, a flaming zombie, and a few normal ones pop up but nothing worth wasting a bullet.

Get Sherry on the train, take the fuse and run it back to get the train started only to see another form of the G launch itself on Claire.

This boss is tough as there isn't much room on the platform to operate. Keep firing shots at the eyes and avoid getting smacked long enough to chase him off again and get on the train to safety.

If it wasn't enough, Burkin is at it once again and this it the only time in the game it makes sense to use up what is left of the minigun rounds and machine gun and unload on him.

Finally some peace and quiet. Leon is united with the group and doesn't seem to question the presence of a little kid.

The three do a few jokes as they walk out of what is left of Raccoon City, just in time before Jill and her allies in 3 nuke what is left of the town.

Claire gets a few more high profile appearances in the Resident Evil Revelations games, but her next great appearance is in the underrated Resident Evil Code Veronica which explains where Chris has been when his sister was searching for him.

After playing Claire, Leon's game will be prompted for its B campaign. Repeat plays of A and B scenarios also unlock Tofu and Hunk, taken from the original.


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