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Resident Evil 2 Remake Key Item Locations And Safe Combonations

Updated on January 30, 2019
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An old school gamer, Jennifer Branton enjoys her Nintendo titles on The Switch when taking a break from survival horror and RPG titles.

Who Makes An Art Gallery Into A Police Station

Resident Evil 2 Remake is here and it is glorious. Already the rumors about Capcom making Remake 3 while working on Resident Evil 8 are spinning and it would be amazing to see the whole trilogy of original games having a remake or HD remaster.

Both Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil have been remastered in HD for modern consoles and PC already.

Remake not only looks good graphically and includes the best voice acting ever in any on the series, running on the RE Engine from Resident Evil 7, Remake really stepped up the updates to items and puzzles.

The environments remain very much the same with tweaks the the A and B campaigns of both Claire and Leon where the locations of items may differ.

The following is a list of key item locations and safe combinations to act as a companion.


One update to the map in Remake is the color coordination.An area remaining red on the map after being entered shows that there are still items to be found, some perhaps that may not be accessed without returning with another puzzle item, key, or needs to be revealed by a note or story dialogue. Red areas will note items interacted with but not picked up, showing locked doors and things left behind for space. A cleared room will turn blue once all items and puzzles complete.

Leon A And Claire A Scenario Items

Remake like the original game asks for the player to complete it multiple times as which ever character the player begins with is offered a B scenario for the remaining character giving a glimpse into the events that transpire between their interactions in the game.

Some areas with opened doors, damaged items, or dead bodies in a B scenario are the result of a choice made by the character played first. When passing both A and B for each character two other modes including the return of Hunk and Tofu are included in much harder races against time.

Some weapons and keys for example in an A scenario are specific to each character, just as their objectives and companions on their quests are different, ie: Leon with Ada and Claire with Sherry. Both the secondary characters do play short segments in the game but do not share the inventory of the main character.

Ada's area is very similar with tweaks to game play and for Sherry is a new area of the Orphanage added to the game.

Weapons between Claire and Leon differ from the beginning. Pre orders of the game included the Samurai Edge, the gun of the S.T.A.R.S. team which all differ when examined and had the Raccoon City P.D. emblem and Kendo gun shop insignia. The guns are from the first Resident Evil game, minus Wesker's which is an obtainable gun found in Resident Evil 7. The main up-gradable gun the Matilda is from the original Resident Evil 2.

Items To Be Found

The following key items are in the A scenario for Leon and Claire and may differ in location on B play-through.

Combat knife: Found in the main hall, the knife is given to Claire or Leon by Marvin, an injured Lieutenant that urges both characters to go on without him, although he has different dialogue with Claire based on her looking for her brother, S.T.A.R.S. member, Chris. The knife can be broken and has a gauge so be careful. It can be used as a secondary weapon to stab an enemy when caught, open the tape on boxes like in 7, or cut the legs or arms off a downed enemy. Several can be found in the game.

Three Medallions for Goddess Statue: These pieces are found solving puzzles from the notebook from the officer halved under the shutters in both scenarios. The first is located right over the Goddess statue on the second floor, the next in the room off the library, and the last in a storage area on the third floor behind the C4 barricade.

Computer Keys: Needed for the weapons locker puzzle where two keys are busted off the terminal, both are found in the portable safe puzzles, one in the linens room and the other locker room area.

Spade Key: On the third floor after opening a new area, follow up the new staircase that aligns over the dark room on the map.

Hip pouches: Needing more inventory slots, hip pouches are found around the game in the weapons room where you add the keys to the terminal, in the West Side office, Operators Room.

Red Book: The book is needed to add to the arm of the Statue found in the Art Room. It is on a table near the horde of zombies in the library.

Police Station Map For Upper Floors: Found in the lounge area.

Red Jewel: Once the arm and book are attached the other arm of the statue lowers to reveal a scepter with the red jewel attached. This can be combined with the jewelry box to get the USB and badge needed to get an add on for the Lightening Hawk gun and to get the gun itself out of the S.T.A.R.S. office.

Weapons Locker Card: Found on the table in the Art Room near the Waiting Room upstairs.

Bolt Cutter: After Marvin sends your character to the Courtyard near the helicopter fire, the bolt cutter is on a garbage can giving access to chained doors.


Always examine items for codes, other items inside or a second purpose as Resident Evil Remake stays true to tradition after the complaints of 7 recycling a lot of the game types of puzzles throughout like the shadow gimmick that got old by the second or third time it was used in game play.

Fuse: Found in the East office near a door, be quick to grab it off the desk and place it in the shutter to get back to the main hall before picking up anything else in the room as once inventory is full items can be discarded but are lost forever unlike other games that offer a second chance to pick them up.

Valve: Inside the East office on a desk.

Electronic Detonator and Battery: The battery is found on the Captain's desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office, Detonator needed to blow open the C4 and get to the last of the medallions is in the small room off the Operations Room.

Basement Police Station Map: In the jail area.

Crank handle: Found in the jail area.

Car key: In the firing range in a lunch box similar to that of Resident Evil 7, it sits next to a note about the police car.

Rifle gun stock: Found in the trunk of the police car that is opened by the key.

Diamond Key: In a drawer in the morgue, this key is on the body of one known kleptomaniac that continued even in his after life.

Heart Key: In only Claire's scenario, the Heart Key is a back door to many of the rooms where Leon uses the Club Key. Found in Private Collection room.

Electric Part One and Two: Found in the bell of the clock tower as well as the Generator Room these pieces open the puzzle in the jail cells.

Gears: The larger is in the East Storage Room, run down the hall and do the puzzles in the Clock Tower moving the gear to reveal the stairs and gain the second smaller gear.

Club Key: Found in the Boiler room.

Muzzle break: Inside the waiting room safe this item can be added to the Matilda.

Jack Handle: Inside the Records Room, use this handle to lower the bookcase and move them around in the library opening an upstairs path to the door that can't be accessed to get to the Clock Tower.


The Many Safes Of Remake

Some of the combinations are very well hidden in Resident Evil 2 Remake and are accessed from documents, flyers, white boards, and in one case if just written on the safe itself.

Including lockers as well that are locked with goodies throughout the game, here are the combinations for those safes.

The Shower Room: Found on a white board downstairs, the combo to this locker padlock is C A P.

West Office: A safe hidden in the office has the combination of 9 15 7 offering an upgrade to your weapon is using the Matilda.

Leon's Desk: Tricking the rookie with a new puzzle to get in his desk, the locks must spell N E D and M R G.

Treatment Room: This safe has the combo of 2 12 8.

Third Floor locker: D C M will get you extra ammo from this find.

Sewer Control Room: If you noticed the circled words in the Jazz poster, S Z F will get you something special.

Waiting Room: 6 2 11 also has a weapons upgrade waiting inside if you enter this combination correctly.


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