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Resident Evil 5- Game review

Updated on February 11, 2010


Storyline- The story feels like an awkward mix of your run of the mill FPS and semi-predictable Resident evil storyline. But somehow the story worked well and was a bit enjoyable, albeit predictable.  17/20

Graphics -
Smooth crisp and clean the graphics work fairly well and unlike even the best games I never saw any graphical flaws or glitches. 10/10

Game play- 
The game play reminded one of RE4 which was an incredible game, but with the way the enemies worked and the way you often had to flee, and your semi-retarded partner it felt more like a random generic FPS made love to RE4 and had this Bastard child, it just doesn’t work, to many enemies and an ally that dies more often than there are stars in the sky. Heck if you just took out the partner and had to go it alone the game would have worked out quite a bit better. But latter points like boss fights would have been a complete failure, and sadly their the only real triumph in the game. 7/15

Enjoy ability-
The game would have been quite a bit funner if your partner didn’t die so often, but aside from that i actually quite enjoyed it, having to figure out how to beat bosses was really fun, but sadly the puzzles that make RE games fun failed miserably in this game, in fact they basically didn’t exist. 12/20

Art direction-
I cant say that the environments were all that incredibly original, but the creatures definitely had that old RE feel and it felt great to burn them, shoot them, or explode them! 9/10

Sound &VA-
Fairly well done and believable, save for the occasional missed or improperly delivered line, but the script was fairly well written and the sounds always fit the situation. 10/10

The length fit the story, but not how fun the game was, by the end I was muttering to myself, "this should have been over already" And "Put me outta my misery" Which is quite sadfor the follow up to the best RE game of all time RE4. 8/15

Total- 73/100

Bottom line- I was incredibly disappointed in this game it had a lot of potential but it just died from when I pressed start, Its still a Resident Evil game but barely. Avoid this game till you run out and than rent it would be  the best advice I could give.

The 5-

1- Treasure to sell!!

2- So many guns so little… ammo?!

3- To many enemies kinda eliminates the RE feel especially when they start using GUNS!

4- Probably in the top 3 RE boss fights ever! (RE4 RE Outbreak than RE5 at leas that’s my opinion)

5- Sheva=Fail


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    • Max Shelley profile image

      Max Shelley 6 years ago from Auburn Hills, Michigan

      I loved this one, granted I only played 4 & 5 but I actually liked that this one didn't have puzzles, the kind of puzzles resident evil has just piss me off, give me a good murder mystery or a logic problem and we'll be honkey dory, but like the one in RE4 by the church I think it was where you had to turn the dial in a sequence, to me they might as well have put a regular combination lock on it and said here you go now figure out the combo :P lol