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Resident Evil 6: Is it as bad as they say? (a review)

Updated on September 17, 2013

2012 was a field day for Resident Evil fans. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6 were released for video game consoles. Resident Evil Retribution finally gave us a movie featuring Leon Kennedy and Resident Evil Damnation was the latest installment of animated movies.

After the critic-driven flop Operation Raccoon City (to be discussed separately), Resident Evil 6 was one of the highly anticipated video game releases of 2012. There were rumors that players would finally be able to walk and shoot at the same time. RE favorites Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield would appear in the same game. And there was the long-awaited return of little Sherry Birkin, of RE 2 fame.

Yet when the game was released, it was ripped apart by critics (not all, but most), just as Operation Raccoon City. One would think by the reviews that the game was made by amateurs, instead of the esteemed Capcom. Critics criticized the gameplay, the seemingly fast and disconnected movement of the storyline, extensive cinematics and the new character of Jake Muller. Now there is concern that with the upcoming release of Resident Evil Revelations for major game consoles that it will be another bloodbath…and not just for the zombies. Let’s take a look at these one by one to determine if RE 6 truly was as bad as critics said.

Leon can now walk and kill zombies at the same time



The RE series of game has always somewhat suffered from criticism of gameplay. While other video games were moving onto more interactive environments and the “walk and shoot” functionality, RE attempted to stay true to its original gameplay roots that made it so popular to begin with. Graphics continued to improve and controller usage adapted to the new controllers of PS2 and PS3, but gameplay remained relatively the same. RE 6 moved into the new century by allowing players to be more interactive with the environment with the ability to duck behind cover, knock over tables, and walk and shoot. Yet some critics took the changes as a negative thing. For years they (and players) had yearned for a better gameplay, and when they are given it, Capcom is accused of copying other third person games in style. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways…

The gameplay in RE 6 could stand for small improvements here and there, but overall Capcom made large strides in the gameplay and they will continue to move in that same direction as future titles are released. The changes to the gameplay were huge in themselves, and you can’t move a mountain all at once. The gameplay will keep getting better, but if critics continue to discourage the leaps made by Capcom, then they may just stop trying. We don’t want to take a step backward into RE 2 days, but move forward into bigger and better things. Instead, let’s praise Capcom for finally allowing us to “walk and shoot”.

She's baaack... the mysterious Ada Wong



A large complaint of almost every critical critic was the storyline. The plot was called disjointed, disconnected and too fast moving. RE 6 includes three “missions”. The missions involve Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper, Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, and Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller. Each of these characters has a different mission in the game and so the game is broken up into three segments. The player can play as any of the six characters, and later on as Ada Wong. That there are three separate storylines sent critics’ heads a-spinning and acted as if Capcom made a game that was played in just three hours.

Yes, there are three separate storylines, but all three storylines intersect at some point in the game to tie them together in plot. That the player can play all of the main characters and Ada Wong makes it an interesting and long-lasting gaming experience that doesn’t stop once the missions are completed the first time. The game appears short at first glance because the lengthy RE game is cut into three separate stories. This makes it feel shorter than it truly is. All three pairs have distinctly separate missions that they follow because they all work for different agencies. Capcom couldn’t suddenly make Leon a BSAA agent nor have Chris work for the President as that would blow the characters to shreds and not make an ounce of sense. The plot in itself is well-done and follows all previous RE storylines…and how can we complain when we get Leon and Chris in the same game?


Cinematics have been a critical part of video games for well over a decade. These short movies give players action sequences that move the game forward in a beautiful way…while giving our tired fingers a momentary rest from the controller. Critics argue that the cinematics in RE 6 were too lengthy and took too much time out of gameplay.

I think that their criticism is somewhat warranted, but slightly misdirected. The cinematics in RE 6 were a little lengthy, but what made them seem longer were the many scenes involving quick-action. For those of you who aren’t familiar, quick-action is where a cinematic occurs and then the game tells the player to press a button or buttons on the controller to make the protagonist perform the next action correctly. Pressing a wrong sequence of buttons can cause the player to start over from the beginning of the scene. I loathe quick-action sequences. Not because I can’t quickly press a button, but if one simple mistake is made the scene starts over. Capcom introduced quick-action with RE 4, and I still shudder when I come across one of those scenes in that game. I am not sure who at Capcom thought it was a good idea to multiply the number of quick-action sequences in RE 6 like bunny rabbits, but let’s give it a rest in the future. Please?

Jake Muller (bottom) with Albert Wekser, aka daddy (top)


Jake Muller

Oh, Jake. It’s tough being the new kid on the block, huh? There wasn’t much love for this rugged new guy, the bastard son of the love-to-hate Albert Wesker. Even now, I’m not sure who was harder on Jake: critics or fans.

Jake Muller starts out as one tough cat. He’s not happy to be in the position he’s in with Sherry, but goes along for the ride as he is promised lots and lots of money, which is everything to a mercenary without a cause trying to survive in a zombie-infested world. The money is promised in exchange for his blood, which carries the antibodies that can fight off the C-virus. As the game goes on, there is a real chemistry between Jake and Sherry, and Jake learns to care for more than cash. The character development of Jake throughout the game is impressive. It’s hard enough to make a character grow in the short time that Capcom did, but even more impressive is the chemistry between Jake and Sherry. Actors onscreen can’t always pull off that kind of chemistry that leaves viewers wanting more. Despite the backlash of critics and fans alike, I felt that Jake Muller was one of the most successful RE characters in recent memory and I truly hope that he isn’t a one-trick pony.

Other positives

RE 6 had numerous positives, but I’ll limit them to just a few. First, the monsters were fantastic. As always, Capcom created new horrors for players to encounter and I found them amazing in stature and ability. From zombie-spider hybrids that crawled on ceilings to Ustank (the latest creature keeping with the tradition of Nemesis and Tyrant), these new creatures were horrific and awesome at the same time. Second, the Ada Wong twists and turns were fun and kept the player guessing. When finally able to play Ada’s mission, the story tied together nicely and showed new sides of the mysterious girl in red. Lastly, Agent Hunt (a side game) is an absolute blast. This game allows the player to play a zombie within another player’s game. Being able to play various types of zombies and attacking other players online is hours of fun.

Overall, Capcom did a fantastic job with this installment. With some room for improvement, I’m sure that the next games will provide RE fans and newcomers alike with great gameplay, awesome zombies, and enough Leon and Chris to last a lifetime.


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    • profile image

      Sir Guest 3 years ago

      @Alex.....really?! Please that game isn't that bad. I've played them all in order and even I don't think it's as bad as so many people claim. I feel that so many people kinda like yourself just goes along with whatever the internet tells them! This game has some flaws that were pretty annoying but it still was pretty awesome! God I swear...Resident Evil has the most whiney and self entitled fans of any fan base ever.....

    • profile image

      Alex 3 years ago

      "Is Resident evil 6 as bad as they say?"

      It's worse. Why would you give this game any credit? It's an unmitigated disaster. I decided to finally buy this game because of the occasional positive reviews like this, what a mistake.

    • profile image

      roders's 4 years ago

      it's not really the game play for me, it seems to be going back it time, i didn't like the interface at all but that's subject to opinion on that, they have tried so hard to make good graphics that there is no story that is the slightest bit believable or it's so cheesy like from those old films, if they just stuck to what they knew and carried on with resident evil 4 with graphics improvements and a story that is both scary and keeps you in suspense and let you play in your own pace by yourself then people would love it.

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 4 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      I love some of the things you brought out in your comments! I do have to agree, the J'avos were a little silly, but they were also big-time ammo wasters. I had to start the Chris campaign over when I ran out of bullets very early on. It reminded me of RE2 when I ran out of bullets too early trying to shoot everything that moved in the streets of Raccoon City.

      Ada's campaign did seem like an attempt at stealth, which made it more difficult. Don't get me wrong: I love games that incorporate stealth, but you are right that it didn't work quite as well here. I did love her storyline, though, as it was interesting and unique. The "Happy Birthday, Ada Wong" scene kept me intrigued until I played her campaign. The thing about RE games, is it isn't just about the game, but the story. We play because the story drives us forward. This concept has been explored in countless games since, most recently with The Last of Us. If there's an awesome storyline or even just an interesting one, I'll keep playing even through some quirks.

      There were a lot of things that they could have done better. The thing that I like the most is that now Capcom has come out and said they are listening to fans about what worked and what didn't and they will take these things into account in RE7 and make a return to their roots. To me, that's a sign of a true gamer's company. Us superfans and geeks don't always have things go our way (Batfleck, for instance), but when someone listens to us and aims to please, I get out my husband's wallet and start spending. :)

    • profile image

      jimmyhjin 4 years ago

      Great review! I think RE 6 was the most ambitious RE title Capcom attempted for the series, it tried to bring in all the best elements from previous titles, and explored many different directions that the series can go in the future.

      The Leon campaign was the classic approach, everything from the zombie outbreak atmosphere to the boss fights with Simmons (Birkin 2.0) reminded me of the fun I had in RE 2. There were some annoying parts, like the opening portion where I couldn't run made me want to break my keyboard... but overall a very nostalgic experience.

      I did not enjoy Chris' campaign, but I believe the problem was the monster design of J'avo. There is just something silly about humanoid monsters with guns... they are not scary/unique enough, the J'avo could have been replaced with any generic alien/monster enemy from any generic monster shooting game and it wouldn't have felt any different. Also, how much better it could have been if instead of a stupid helicopter we were given a big flying mutation of some sorts? This campaign needed a lot more cocoons, regenerators (the RE 4 creepy version), a lot more Ogromans, and may be a few swarms of lickers to make it a fair fight for your BSAA team. When you upgrade the firepower of your characters, you need to ramp up the scariness of the monsters by an even bigger margin to maintain the horror atmosphere. Now that said, I believe if this idea could be done correctly, it could become an interesting (epic) direction for the series to go.

      Jake and Sherry (!)'s campaign featured Ustanak (inferior Nemesis 2.0) who didn't bust through walls or chase you into different areas... However, I was fascinated with one aspect of this campaign, Jake and Sherry's "super powers" from their blood-type and G-virus respectively. Sherry's healing power, for example, was freaking awesome and grossly under-explored in this campaign. Imagine if Capcom explored more of Jake and Sherry's special powers, may be give Jake something similar to the Wesker virus, this could take RE into a whole new uncharted territory. Provided that Capcom ramp up the monsters' scariness to match the superhuman Jake and Sherry's special powers, I could see a great new title coming up.

      Last but not least, Ada's campaign felt like a stab at stealth play??? I was quite confused as the controls in RE 6 were not really designed for stealth, but you had to avoid/silently eliminate J'avos in the submarine level... If Capcom wanted to incorporate stealth into horror they've got a lot of catch up work to do as so many other series have already made huge progress in stealth gameplay.

      Overall I really enjoyed RE 6, mostly because of all the amazing possibilities the different campaigns featured, almost like a glimpse into the future to see where the series could go. Whether it's to stick to the classic formula of creating a feeling of being alone and trapped; or ramp up the epicness by throwing a whole team of BSAA (multiplayer-possibility?) with better firepower into the mist of even bigger hordes of badass mutations; or to explore the possibility of superhuman combat with Jake and Sherry and make monsters even scarier so that even their superpower could not make you feel safe; or add stealth game play into the series and simply multiply the number of zombies so that it becomes impossible to take them all on and you have to sneak your way to survival... RE 6 presented so many great possibilities for the future, I am really excited to see how this series will mutate next.

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 5 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      These are also really great points. Leon's chapters did seem much longer. When Capcom got rid of the old familiar typewriter and moved into auto-save, I was elated at first. I love the typewriter, however, I like not being as concerned with when my game saves. I've found that I was wrong. Even when the game auto-saves, I feel like I must play the chapter through to truly ensure that if I quit the game I will return to the exact point that I left off. I don't completely trust the auto-save feature, and that makes for some very long gaming sessions, especially if I'm caught up in the game and have played through several chapters at once. Leon's campaign took forever to get through a chapter, and I agree that it should have been broken down a little more.

      I loved Chris's campaign as well. I felt it really showed how much the outbreak had affected him and the toll his rivalry with Wesker had taken. I didn't agree with the critics that Chris's campaign was the worst, however, I also didn't agree with them on Jake's character. After RE5, I was concerned that the series would suffer without Wesker. Jake keeps Wesker alive in a fantastic way and I really want to see a lot more of him in the future.

    • profile image

      Tin-Wan Tam 5 years ago

      also about what they should do with leon campign. they shoild separate some of his chpater into 2 so it would not be so long. i don't get why it has to be 5 chapter like other 3 campign. is like they think we can't notice the length is so much longer in leon or something? the chapter separation update does not really help me at all. even they break one chapter into several.part but the ranking is still at the end of that whole chapter. and for me i play online co op and always do join game instead of hosting one. in the search menu, it does not tell you which part of the chapter is the host playing right now. since leon campign has a lot of boring part within every chapter. like 1.1 the slow walking part. 2.3 the church so call puzzle part. 3.4 the swimming and shark part. chapter 4 basically about the whole chapter and chapter 5 the part u have to see the bsaa driving the car part. it would be nice if we know which part that host is playing so that we don't need to go through those boring part. but better yet still is to actually separate some chapter into 2. especially chapter 2.

      for chros i basically just think it is perfect. i really don't get why a lot of review say leon the best chris the worst. i mean no matter for the story, gameplay, length. i mean for story it shows that chris is also just a human not a freaking super hero

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 5 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      Thank you so much for your comments! You've given me a lot to think about! I agree that Jake's campaign seems way too short. I am more for the longer campaigns. I do not want to feel like I've spent a lot of money on a game and get very little play time in return.

      You are absolutely right about Nemesis. The true fun in him in RE3 wasn't necessarily him as a boss, but the way he appeared. You never knew when he would show up and say, "S.T.A.R.S." It was so terrifying to know that at any moment you could open a door and find him there. It was great that the player had the option to fight or run away.

      Ustank is the Nemesis for RE6 and rightfully so. He's a creepy boss that is formidable and tough to beat. One of my favorite parts in the game was playing as Jake or Sherry and trying to outsmart the bugs that alerted Ustank to my presence. Plus the name is just so much fun to say :) I have to agree with you that it would have been more fun if Ustank showed up a few more times to mess with the players. Thanks so much for the comments and for sharing all of these wonderful ideas! Happy zombie-killing!

    • profile image

      Tin-Wan Tam 5 years ago

      hi. i just read ur review i totally agree with u. i love this game a lot. althought i still think there are things that they can make the game better. i thibk they made leon campign way too long but jake campign way too short. i think chris is the best campign for the length of each chapter. the map and enemy layout are also the best for chris. jake is fun to play as with all the melee he can do but since it is too short so i feel like not enough. leon campign is long and have some boring part within each chapter, enemy type is also the least in all the campign.

      i actually have better idea for jake campign. capcom claim that ustanak take the role of nemesis. however i kind of disagree with that. nemesis is popular is not coz of its power and size. is coz of he appear so many time in re3 as an optional boss that chase u throuh door to door. but ustanak is just a fixed boss that appear more than once in jake campign. so what i thjnk they should do is that make uatanak as optional boss to chase you in somr chapter. chapter 2.1 is a good place to put him there while u r finding the 3 data. chapter 3.2 is also good. make him have inf health in 3.2 but heavy fire or maybe some some trap in some room that will able to stun him for a while. for chapter 4 they should arrange the role of chainsaw and ustanak. it make me feel like the chainsaw role is more like nemesis in this chapter. and finally chapter 5.1 he can also be the optional boss there with all.those black monster chase u. this will make it.interesting coz all monster will be undead in this part.

      please comment on this to tell me what u think about my comment. esp the jake part. thanks

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 5 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      Thanks for the input! I do agree with you on that it isn't the worst, of course it isn't the best. I personally have not played co-op yet, only the Agent Hunt game where the player becomes a zombie in another person's game. Therefore, I cannot accurately grade the co-op and appreciate you talking about it. I do feel that RE6 received way too much criticism from fans, which made me wonder if they played the same game I did. As a hardcore RE fan (I even have an RPD hat), I felt it was a step in the right direction with room for improvement.

    • Willsummerdreamer profile image

      Will English. 5 years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

      I reviewed this game too. I do agree that RE6 isn't the worst game in the world or even the worst Resident Evil game (for that I'm looking at you RE5) But I still feel like that RE6 shouldn't have been made, or at least, not in in the way that it was. The co-op mechanic still sucks IMO and It just felt unfocused, like they tried to shove 4 separate games into one. Maybe if they had worked on making one good game and not four mediocre ones then people might have been nicer too it. But that's just me. Anyway, good hub.

    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 5 years ago from Philippines

      I've been a big fan of the Resident evil Series ever since. I thought that 6 was quite an improvement from the rest of the series. Critics will always be critics as some of them just want it to be better in a small amount of time. But I do respect what the majority of the gaming culture would say, that survival/horror genre is dying, Dead Space for example, and the Resident Evil series is changing and fast. But we have to also look at the way that gaming has evolved during the past few years. Anyway, great article, many good points, and you should be a video game critic :) Voted up!

    • sharmakartikey profile image

      Kartikey Sharma 5 years ago from Himachal, India

      Thanks for the info... :)

      I feel Jill has some connection with Chris.. while Leon is all lost day dreaming of ada.. ;)

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 5 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      Here is some info on the PC version of Revelations for you:

      Funny that Jill has never really had a love interest. Maybe hints here and there, but nothing for fans to hold onto. You have nothing to worry about with Leon either; Jill isn't his type :)

    • sharmakartikey profile image

      Kartikey Sharma 5 years ago from Himachal, India

      Everything said, even I feel like playing RE 3 again .. :P :P

      The scariest game for me was the first one, back when I was a small kid. Wasn't pretty hard to scare me back then, but still I had no idea what the game was about. I thought it'll be just another adventure game and gosh when the first zombie entered, I was really scared .. :P. It was a nice game as well, that creepy palace, mind freaking puzzles, zombies inside a closet, every thing was awesome.

      I hope they release revelations for PC as well. I'd love to play it and just like you said it'll be fun to play Claire again, after almost falling in love with her in the second installment ( But the gods know my true love from RE series will always be Jill Valentine .. ^_^ ).

      I don't mind Leon going after Ada or Claire as long as he stays away from Jill .. ;)

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 5 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      I remember feeling that sense of fear you described in RE 3, not knowing if the door you just opened is going to reveal Nemesis. He was a fantastic boss - not my favorite creature overall, but one of my favorite bosses. They did a lot of great things in that game and I wish they had continued on that path. Good points and looks like I'll be re-playing RE 3 now after this conversation! Now, for the next game after release of Revelations for the major consoles, we need to see a bit of Claire. It's been much too long...I'd like to see her and Leon together again. He really needs to get over Ada, haha.

    • sharmakartikey profile image

      Kartikey Sharma 5 years ago from Himachal, India

      I totally agree with everything that you said. RE 4 is indeed an awesome game. Each and every sequence of the game is so well crafted that you can never get enough of it, even the monsters and boss fights are amazing. Leon as the main character is just perfect. Even I have played RE 4 countless times, and yes I enjoy it even more every time.

      But then again the point will remain the same, that without a doubt they have improved the game in a lot of aspects but they lost their roots and I personally feel that there is no turning back for them. My favorite game in the series is Resident Evil 3 for so many reasons. It took what was good it in the previous two installments, while adding so much of its own. The fact that every time you played, things were different made it awesome. The locations of keys, the entry of characters, door codes etc were random for every play. Even now when I play it they are able to surprise me, which in itself is a fantastic feat for a game that came so many years back. And then we have Nemesis, which in my opinion is not only the best RE Boss, but best boss ever in gaming history. I still remember how much i feared and hated nemesis. The random entries and the fact that it could chase you from room to room made the boss fights with nemesis, difficult and so awesome.

      I always used to find my self short of ammo even in normal mode. The puzzles were fabulous, they used to make you think for hours before you could figure it out. These things don't just make the game play challenging, but very very interesting as well. I do miss all of it.

      But coming back to the point of this article, you have made your point very clear. There is no good reasons for critics to rip the game apart or even fans to hate it. They made a choice to evolve and its not like they are not putting in enough efforts. Each game feature tons of improvement and fun creature. The new combat abilities, well crafted level design, boss fights, new weapons and captivating sequences are definitely worth an applause. Its just that there is no point cribbing and comparing with the previous titles. You just have to play with a fresh mind set and you will enjoy the game... :)

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 5 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      I think you've hit the nail on the head- the culprit is the modern gamer. Having a game be super-easy that you can smoothly run through on the first try, to me, negates the gaming experience. It's funny that while I feel the zombies jumped ship and changed starting with RE 4, that is the one game in the series that I can play over and over and over without thining twice. I'm the kind of player that must obtain the unlimited ammo rocket launcher in every game I play, but with RE 4 my end game isn't just that awesome weapon but just to continuously play. It's the only game out there that has rendered me incapable of stopping playing.

      I do think RE needs to return to the zombie roots instead of these half-human/half-zombie types while keeping up the successful new creatures they are creating. In every RE game there is always one monster I find myself petrified of. Hunters are my all-time favorite creature that makes me shudder. Second to that is the Regenerator from RE 4. Oh my goodness, whenever I hear the jagged breathing of that monster from around a corner I literally almost close my eyes in fear!

      RE does need to return to the puzzles that made it so famous. The puzzles now consist of finding three keys within a maze full of zombies and inserting them in a door. I think that's almost a cop-out, instead of trying to bring back the wonders of the Raccoon City Police Station. The police station mystery unraveled like the folds of wrapping paper over an awesome present. Finding a new key and having to remember which door it unlocked made you work for your victory. I want that again instead of primarily a shooter.

      I did feel that RE 6 had some great improvements, though. I liked that you could bring up your inventory on the screen without sitting in an inventory screen. It was an improvement on RE 5 when they first did this. I also thought it was great you could constantly see your health level. I liked that they included more hand-to-hand combat. I love it when as a player I can mix up using a gun and using fighting skills. Of course the best improvement was the shoot and walk capability. That's probably without argument.

      I think if RE developers keep the good things while returning to some of their roots, we will have a darn near perfect video game.

    • sharmakartikey profile image

      Kartikey Sharma 5 years ago from Himachal, India

      Being a true fan of the series you often find yourself in a spot where you are the critic as well as the defender of your favorite title. The most obvious thing is that they started out to be a Survival Horror where player just wanted to see their characters surviving the catastrophe, while the game play offered a perfect blend of action, puzzles and story. Even though the genre sticks, I believe they have lost its value. Now there are moments where you stop and think about the game, but most of the time you are just shooting herds and herds of zombies ( just like you pointed out, even the zombies have been tamed ) with an insane amount of ammo. I don't see any more survival horror elements, but rather yes a very well crafted shooter game.

      Then again, the game also suffered because Shinji Mikami, the inventor and father of Resident Evil, walked out. So you can feel the game staying almost true till the 4th Installment, and then just taking a turn for good or bad I don't know. The major culprit here is the demands of a modern gamer, they don't want a challenge. They want a smooth game play that altogether feels like watching a movie, while giving you enough control to make you feel like you did it all.

      I'd love to hear your thoughts too, its fun discussing a game you love with some one who not only shares the affection for the game but also a bit of a critical angle as well.. :)

    • Angie Martin profile image

      Angie Martin 5 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      Thanks so much for your comments! There is a general consensus among fans, it seems, that the series has lost touch with every new installment, as you pointed out. I'd be curious to know your thoughts on why this is and if you have identified any culprits in this. I always felt each installment was building upon the previous one, but my absolute love for the series could be blinding me on this matter! :) The only thing that I saw really losing touch was the type of zombie the characters were dealing with. I think this really changed with Las Plagas in RE 4. I'd be most interested in hearing your thoughts!

    • sharmakartikey profile image

      Kartikey Sharma 5 years ago from Himachal, India

      Loved this article. You have done very well to nail almost every single detail that makes RE series awesome, while explaining why critics fail to recognize their improvements.

      I personally am a huge fan of the Series, and to be honest I am with the people who believe that RE kept losing its touch with every new installment in the series, I agree that innovation is part of the commercial world, but it feels like they are making games for Kids who just want to mash some buttons and see impressive cinematic on the screen and feel like god. There is less for some core gamers here like they offered in the first three installments of the game.

      Still, I don't miss out on any of the games in the series, and even though critics rip 'em apart, I still believe they are not as bad as they are claimed to be.

      Thumbs up for this nice article .. :)


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