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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City: Hero Mode Multiplayer Tips & Strategy

Updated on March 23, 2012

Hero Mode is a multiplayer game type in the Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City video game. Hero Mode allows you play as classic characters from the Resident Evil franchise. These trademark characters will be competing against each other in 4 versus 4 matches. Characters include; Leon, Claire, Carlos, Jill, Ada, Hunk, Lone Wolf, and Nicholai. Not only will you have to fight other tradmark characters, you will also have to deal with zombies during Hero Mode matches.

In Hero Mode, the heroes are stronger than the average combatant that are in the other Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City game modes. They have much more health. Killing the other team may prove for a challening experience considering everyone has more health and tons of zombies are on the multiplayer maps.

Operation Raccoon City: Hero Mode Tips and Strategies

It is very important to know the maps when playing Hero Mode. Obviously, some players will know the maps better than you if you just started to play, however. The main reason why knowing the maps is important is because zombies are lurking everywhere and you need to kill heroes on the other team.

Hero Mode: Important Items to find ASAP!

  1. First Aid Spray
  2. A good weapon
  3. Grenades
  4. Blue Anti Viral Spray

First Aid Sprays are extremely important to find when playing Hero Mode in Operation Raccoon City. They allow you to replenish your health and they can also heal squad mates that are nearby you. Green Herbs are good, but you can not carry them with you.

As for weapons, take a weapon from a hero that you kill if it is better than the one you already have equipped. Having a better weapon will give you the upper-hand when fighting against the other team. And be on the look out for grenades, as they are very useful for killing heroes on the opposing team (especially incendiary greandes).

And last but not least, find Blue Anti Viral Spray just in case you become infected by a zombie.

Operation Raccoon City Fighting Heroes

As mentioned earlier, Heroes in Hero Mode have a lot of health. While this is good for you, this also means that the other team will be difficult to kill. It takes many gun shots to eliminate an opponent. The best way to defeat an opponent is when you are at full heath, have a first aid spray, and some grenades.

It is preferable that you are at close range when fighting a hero. Mainly, because it is difficult to line up shots and actually kill an opponent from a distance (especially when zombies are attacking you).

Sometimes the zombies can used to your advantage or your opponents advantage in Resident Evil Raccoon City Hero Mode. If you see an enemy struggling with zombies, move in for the attack!

Also be on the look out for how much blood is coming out of your opponents. If they start bleeding bad this means they are about to die. Move in and finish them! Just be careful as they could have a first aid spray.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You forgot to mention that certain characters move too damn fast to kill with anyone else that can't run as fast as that character - Jill is a good example. In hero's the only guns you should use is Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Snipers(IF YOU ARE REALLLLLLLLLY GOOD WITH THEM), Hammer, and Ravager. If you are on Umbrella Side hunt Jill down as soon as she is dead the rest of the team will crumble because Jill's strafe along with her run speed make her one disturbingly broken character as well as anyone who has stimpack

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      good stuff guys thanks

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      yeah. ty, first comment was real crap, ive been playin res evil from the very beginning, when i was barelly 7 years old. tellin people they need a first aid spray is obviously pointless, except for retarded... but these should not even play this game and go back to cod lol... ALSO GET YOURSELF A MIC!, U need at least one surveilliance person to tell others where the enemies are... MAx out the items seach thing ability if u don't know the maps, so ull learn them way faster. Watch for the cloaked guys. learn when its time to run or chase, don't play with pride, what i mean is if someone is sniping u all game long, stop rushing after him, circle it up, flank him... kill something else... And even if players worth more points, kill zombies, hunters give 75xp each lickers 25xp... ITs eazier to kill 7 zombies for 70xp than 1 enemy player for 75xp... in my opinion... but... for heroes mode focus on killin players for sure.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That kind of told us nothing but the obvious. Here's some tips.

      Equip a character with painkiller (Claire or Ada) and get it to level 3 as soon as possible. -90% damage for 10 seconds can almost guarantee a win in a gun fight.

      Super Soldier is the another important ability.

      Jill and Carlos have timed sticky bombs which at level 3 = 3 grenades every 25 seconds.

      If someone tries to run strait at you instead of shooting, just keep running in circles and try to avoid close contact. Melee is a coward way to do a gunfight, and is easy to avoid once you get used to dodging them.

      Use Shotguns, they do great damage, and when people attempt to melee you they have a good chance of knocking them back. The riot gun is most powerful, but slow reloads so is best to use with someone who has fast reloading, all around I recommend the juggernaut. Its fast shooting, decent range, fast reloading, and powerful. If you don't like shotguns, use the heavy machine gun, mob special, ravager, hammer, or militia rifle. The advanced SMG is decent as well.

      Stick close to your allies. The team that runs as a group always wins in heroes. Most of the time if you run off alone you will have 2 people block you into a corner and melee you and you wont be able to move. There is nothing I can say is more important in heroes than running as a group. As soon as you get separated, you die.

      Find a grenade launcher. Very effective item, and if you have a character with guns-a-blazin and know where grenade launchers spawn, they can be deadly.

      Get the samurai edge secondary. Its expensive, but worth it. Especially if you take my advice about shotguns it's a good long range pistol.

      Max out your abilities. Before spending xp on a bunch of guns, find 1 or 2 guns you like, then work on maxing out as many abilities as possible. Not just 1 character either, try to have the abilities you want to use purchased for every character asap, like buy painkiller right off and get it level 3, super soldier, timed sticky bombs, and so on. And try to get all the passive abilities. That way no matter what character you get stuck with, you have abilities for them.

      Play campaign first. Don't just rush into versus. Play campaign through once or twice on normal difficulty, and always get as many zombies kills and data turned in as possible. Try using all the characters not just one as well. This will help you get xp to buy all the abilities, teach you the game mechanics, and help you learn the different abilities of each character.

      Learn the maps and play from strategic locations. Instead of your whole team running aimlessly around the map, find a spot near either first aid spray or green herb spawns, and definitely an ammo box. Example, in apocalypse camp the roof with the flamethrower on it. Every minute a green herb spawns there, theres 2 first aid spray spawns right in front of the building, a grenade launcher out back, and an ammo box on top. Theres only 1 way up there, and you can see enemies coming from a good distance. If you can get your whole team on that roof, its game over you win from there.

      Use first aid sprays on your teammates as much as possible. If your about to heal, unless your doing it in an emergency situation, try to use them on your teammates at the same time. in heroes you want everyone to stay alive, and its always good if they return the favor when you need it.


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