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Reuge Music Boxes

Updated on September 12, 2012

Reuge.. What is it?

Reuge is a Swiss company that specializes in mechanical music and mechanical music boxes. They create Luxary Music boxes. They are also well know for creating musical birds and creating the musical pocket watch. The Reuge Company was formed in 1865 by founder Charles Reuge. He made music boxes when they were popular. Music boxes almost disappeared with the invent of the phonograph. The Reuge Company stood the test of time when the Japanese began marketing their wares in 1960 they took over the market so to speak for the singing bird on Paris. They currently corner the market on music boxes in China, Japan, Switzerland, the United States, Western Europe and the Middle East.  Their Slogan is simply, " The Art of Mechanical Music.

Childlike Wonder

What is most fascinating about these music boxes is the sound! When they say it promotes childlike wonder.. well listen for yourself. I have included two videos below so you can listen to the sound they produce. Even on video they are marvelous! Unfortunately they come at a Marvelous price too! One day I hope to own one!

A bit about music box construction

 I am not much of  a mechanical person, but I love to watch a music box at work.  The comb ( the metal piece that makes the sound,) takes a lot of work to make.  The cob has to be heated and plunged in oil to create the tunes form each prong.  For the bass notes lead is actually soldered and glued underneath of the bass prongs.  The neat part is that each prong is tuned through a computer.  go figure!

 Now to get even more technical the score or piece of music that will be played by the box is computerized.  The computerized piece is then decoded on the cylinder .  The computer places pin or the bumps we see on the cylinder itself.  The cylinder is then placed into the music box on it's axle.  The pins are then "equalized: and grinded, which is all done on the computer as well.   The component is then placed in a fine wooden box, created by some of Italy's or Switzerland's finest crafters. 

Music Box with 4.144 Movement 1865 Reuge Collection

This Reuge music box can be programed with three of your favorite music selections that play up to 72 notes!  The box is made of walnut and the beautiful inlay roses are made of maple. The dimensions are 270 x 160 x 72 mm. It is a beautiful choice for a gift!

The exquisite Reuge Masterpiece is a jewelry box that measures 13 inches by 7.5 inches. It is four inches high. The outside of the box displays an instrumental inlay design. The inlay includes a harp, violin, mandolin,horn and tambourine. The inside of the box has a brown plush for your jewelry. Pull out a small drawer to reveal a ring roll. A larger drawer accommodates your bigger pieces. This Reuge music box can hold a 72 note song. It comes with a lock and key to keep your treasures safe!

 Reuge is well known the world over for their fine quality of music boxes and mechanical birds.  I have included the website below so that you can check out these masterful pieces of art for yourself!


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    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 8 years ago from Wv

      It is beautiful isn't it! Thanks for stopping by Lyricsingray

    • profile image

      lyricsingray 8 years ago

      I just love the sound of a jewelry/music box -doesn't it take you back to those simple and fascinating years-Thanks!