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Revenant Cavalry mantic games product review

Updated on October 29, 2012

Mantic games revenant cavalry

These arrived in the more standard mantic game plastic case which also doubles up as a carry case/ storage box once you have assembled your undead revenant cavalry (so saving money on expensive carry cases). These are intended to be used in the Kings of War game written by Alessio Cavatore the rules for which are free to download, but they are usable in any 28mm scale fantasy war game and could easily be used to represent Black Knights in warhammer fantasy battle or undead cavalry in any other game.

Like most of mantic's models these are plastic and come on sprues. Once opened the sprues were well formed with no flash and were quick and easy to assemble with a little plastic glue. The steeds went together well and allowed me to move on to the rider even whilst the glue dried, a little care was needed with the lances as due to the size they had a tendency to droop as the glue dried.

They also go well with mantic's revenants on foot so can easily be used to create quite a cohesive force with minimal effort.

Pros and cons

Pros are of course that mantic models are cheaper then many (if not all) of there competitors meaning you can afford to buy more or expand your army elsewhere. They are also a true 28mm scale meaning that they fit in with other 28mm models.

Mantic games have an excellent customer service and have sent me missing sprues, parts or bases with no questions or quibbles.

One con for me personally were the square bases, whilst adequate they are ugly looking when the model is bare, this will of course not be an issue if your actually paint your models. It could be avoided with a little modelling though again this can be a little time consuming. If like me you own so many models you are unlikely to ever paint/model many of them it may be an issue though.

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What do you think of mantic's revenant cavalry?

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