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Review: 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Cards

Updated on June 23, 2010

Heyward RC - Beckham Relic - Munson Insert

2010 Topps Baseball Series 2

Topps Series 2 Baseball released a few weeks ago so I thought I would catch everyone up on this newest Topps offering. Many of you have read my Series 1 hub and know that I thoroughly enjoyed that product. Well, get ready for more of the same...

I picked up a box for $60. Be aware that the price has already jumped a bit so you might see it up to $75 or so. There are 330 basic cards in Series 2. There are also a number of short prints available in hobby packs. Any retired star is a short print and they are generally worth from $20 - $25 a piece. There are extreme short prints again featuring the "Pie in the Face" that has become the custom for walk off celebrations. In any given pack you should find 2 inserts, a Topps Attax code card and several basic cards. Just like Series 1, this series is loaded with insert sets. Below is the breakdown for the basic inserts that exist and the ratio for finding these cards in packs:


Vintage Legends Collection (25 Cards, Legends on cards they never appeared on, 1:4)
History of the World Series (25 Cards, Classic World Series Moments, 1:6)
Year 2020 (20 Cards, cards have 3D - Magic motion design, 1:6)
Legendary Lineage (30 Cards, featuring 2 stars linked in some way, 1:4)
Turkey Red (50 Cards, the usual Turkey Red stuff, 1:4)
Peak Performance (207, 1:2)
The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (58, Popular cards of the past, 1:3 - Original Back Parallel, 1:36)
Red Hot Rookies Redemption (1 per box)
Tops Million Card Giveaway (1:6)
Topps Attax Code Cards (1:1)


Gold Border (Sequentially numbered /2010)
Black Border (Sequentially numbered /59)
Platinum Border (Sequentially numbered /1)
Silks (100 Cards (Sequentially numbered /50)
Printing Plates (4 plates for each card - all are 1/1)

Topps also included blank sketch contest cards for you to make your own sketch card that could be featured in next years set. There are also a number of relic and autograph cards you could pull as well and 1/1 Sketch cards. Every Hobby Box has one relic or autograph. Every Jumbo box has an autograph and two relics.

I have to say that I really like this set. I don't necessarily care for all of the shortprints since they technically are not part of the set (they wont be featured in the full set product at season's end). They do make collecting the set more fun though. The high profile rookie cards of Jason Heyward and Ike Davis are in this set (though Davis is an impossible to find Pie in the Face Short Print)..

I am a big fan of inserts and parallels if they are done right. While I like the mix Topps has better in this product than in Series 1, I would still like to see a more varied selection. The inserts all look nice - but nice isn't what I want - I want POW!! The 2020 3D inserts are what I want to see more of. We, as an industry, were treated to many different companies in the 1990's and those companies, while no longer producing cards, did help show us how innovative cards could be. Die Cutting, holographic foil, prismatic foil - all of it was great, we just had to much product to keep them all alive. When we lost Donruss and Pacific, much of the creativity left the hobby. Now Topps is the only game in town again and I hope they do everything they can to make card collecting fun and affordable so we can pull kids off there video games and back onto the baseball fields...

Sorry about that - back to the set...

The cards are crisp just like Series 1 and there are enough inserts to satisfy anyone. There is one minor problem, if you can call it a problem - New York Yankees - they are everywhere, in every insert set. I'm a NY dealer so I love finding more NY players but this borders on insane. Yankee legends are in EVERY set, if you aren't in NY, you might be a little annoyed by it.

Otherwise, this is a fine product, offering many interesting cards for your collecting dollar. Be forewarned, there is a Strasburg card numbered 661 that is available only through the Topps Million Card Giveaway. Don't go crazy trying to find it in packs - it's not there.

So go buy some packs and enjoy putting the rest of the set together!!



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    • dblyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      With only Topps left standing, I think card collecting will come back to life, it may take another year or so though. It's much less confusing now and a lot less product should strengthen demand for what does exist. I wouldn't sell just yet....

    • PeopleZWireless profile image


      8 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

      I think baseball cards have just gone kapoot lately... I collected A LOT when I was 12-18... Im 21 now. I have to sell!!!!!


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