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Review of Dragon Age 2

Updated on December 15, 2011

Dragon Age 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed first episode of one of the most popular RPG of all time, but compared to its former version, Dragon Age 2 has significantly improved its level of action which is now more pronounced than before. Countless people have been anticipating the return of the sequel of a role-playing game that made history and now it is finally on the market.

Dragon Age 2 has much more action than its predecessor, and similar care was put in the development of the history of the characters. Like in the previous game, the player will have to make choices that will make goodness an option. BioWare has definetly put a lot more care on this game's graphic by improving its definition

Among the protagonists present in the game are: Hawke, Bethany, Carver, Cassandra, Varrich, Flemeth, Wesley, Aveline, Isabela and Anders. There are 51 trophies to achieve on Dragon Age 2 (only one gold) including five hidden, the achievement of which is conditioned by the choices made throughout the game.

It's hard to find a team of programmers in RPG games like BioWare that earned an incredible success, such as: Baldur's Gate, Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights and Mass Effect. Between science fiction and fantasy, it’s hard to believe that role-playing game fans will not find their favorite title among them!

Dragon Age 2, has already been claimed by several websites and magazines around the world as the new landmark in the RPG genre gaming. What to Expect from Dragon Age 2 in about 60-70 hours of game-play?

The story is told with flashbacks that take us back initially to the village of Lothering, already known from the previous game. From there, the story of our hero and his party unravel in a series of situations and very intricate events directly influenced by the player with his choices throughout the adventure.

Dragon Age 2, in respect to its predecessor, is much more dynamic and engaging. Of course, I’m not talking about action-rich games such as God of War or Resident Evil, but Dragon Age 2 provides a mix of real-time battles, intriguing party management (up to 4 people) and a wide array of possibilities when it comes to attack and defense for our heroes, to an extent that it proves to be enjoyable and satisfying even for those who typically play action games.

Managing the members during the game will be essential to overcome the hordes of bloodthirsty enemies which will become very difficult if you go solo and don’t coordinate with your allies.

Now let's look at the creation of our character: you will have 3 available classes to choose from (warrior, wizard or rogue) and you can choose, for each one if male or female. Obviously you will have the opportunity to customize appearance (hairstyle, facial features, etc..).

About the technical aspect, I can definitely say that the sound of Dragon Age 2 is one of the best with large and evocative orchestral work and an impressive number of sound effects that deeply contribute to immerge you in the gaming experience.

On the graphics part, the game looks good but there is some quite visible drop in frame rate. Despite everything, we must consider the work done by BioWare to be quite impressive also due to the huge number of environments and characters present in the game.


A perfect mix of tradition and innovation that will make happy all the fans of one of the most successful series of BioWare. Dragon Age 2, is without a shadow of doubt one of the best RPG games of these recent years. A recommended videogame without hesitation, provided of course that you have a predisposition for this kind of game.


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    • Farkle profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks a lot, I agree, I like it much more than the first one and hope they will make a Dragon Age 3.

    • satomko profile image

      Seth Tomko 

      7 years ago from Macon, GA

      Good review. I enjoyed Dragon Age 2 much more than I ever liked Origins. I think the focus on a single location, the city-state of Kirkwall, really helped.


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