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Review: Resident Evil 6

Updated on January 13, 2013

At first glance Resident Evil 6 seems like a typical Resident Evil game. It’s got silly puzzles, herbs and weird looking monsters. However, after about 5 minutes play time you realise that Resident Evil 6 is nothing but a below average third person shooter.

The game play and story centres around the three playable characters, each of their stories is maybe five or six hours long. The idea being that each campaign has its own style and feel. For example Leon’s campaign is meant to be more survival horror. However, in reality each campaign is a poor third person shooter with maybe one unique feature to each.

In terms of in the moment game play, controls are standard enough. Nothing you haven’t come to expect from a Resident Evil game. The only noticeable changes are the introduction of a usable cover mechanics and melee attacks, and they FINALLY got rid of characters inability to walk and shoot at the same time. Still, the combat is just so dull, an endless pattern of shoot everything that moves, pick up ammo, reload and repeat. Although you could say that about a lot of games, it is very noticeable in resi 6.

Don’t get me wrong, Resident Evil 6 still has some interesting boss fights and I had some fun with it. the resident evil series in general has given me hours of entertainment but this game is just so bad. Resident Evil 6 has the characters, but none of the character, of the previous Resident Evil games. It reeks of design by committee, as if half the development team were pandering to the Resident Evil fans of the past while the other half were trying to create Call of Duty: Resident Evil addition. Just so it has the widest ‘marketable audience’.

When a game series that been going nearly as long as you’ve been alive changes everything about itself, something has gone seriously wrong. Perhaps this is me being hysterical but; Resident Evil 6 might be pure evil. Not because it’s an awful game, but because of what it represents.



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