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Review of Hulu Plus Free Trial for Xbox Live

Updated on December 29, 2011

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Hulu Plus...

When I first saw the advertisement for free Hulu on my xbox 360, I'll admit, I was a bit excited. I remember when hulu first put itself out there in the online world, and it wasn't to bad at first. It really wasn't until they started limiting their available shows and movies, to only one or two episodes or good movies, that I really got complacent with it.

So when I saw that Hulu was hooking up with xbox, I had hoped they had improved their line up, since they were teaming up with such a high profile game console. When I found that they also offered TV and phone hulu as well, I started to wonder if this might have been the solution xbox's crummy hook up with netflix.

So I signed up for the free week of Hulu Plus on xbox live, eager to see what interesting distractions it would offer me. That free trial week is over, and this is my review.

Hulu Plus....Minus

Now, I would love to be one of those persons who come out and say they loved their hulu plus free trial and are ready to get out there and pay $7.99 a month. It would be great to leave them an outstanding review, but it just ain't happening this time around.

Instead, I am going to be one of those users who has officially decided that Hulu Plus is just not worth eight dollars a month. It actually makes me happy that I pay ten dollars a month for netflix on xbox, and their netflix feature is pretty sad already.

Hulu Plus advertises that they offer you EVERY hit tv show's latest series and several hit movies. Though in total I counted maybe 16 hit TV shows, and most of the ones that held any interest were Web Only (why would they show available "web only" shows on the xbox? Can we say false advertising?). Out of the remaining available tv shows that were actually available to watch on the xbox, I found only two shows that I wanted to watch and my hubby found one show he liked.

Now, I might have still given Hulu a higher grade on even having this few of shows that I like, but when they say they have all the latest seasons of these shows, they aren't kidding. It's the ONLY season they have of each series, the most recent. This puts a major damper on prime-time tv watching, if you've found a show on hulu that you used to watch and would love to catch up on. If you've only seen through season two of House M.D., you're going to be very confused trying to figure out what all has happened in season eight.

There movie selection is pretty sore as well. They had maybe a total of three newer movies, all of which I've already seen. The rest of their movie selection was full of indie films and the occasional comedy show. Most of the good indie movies and shows, appeared to be web only, once again lowering my contentment level with Hulu Plus.

Overall, I would say that Hulu Plus wouldn't be bad as a free addition to having xbox live. I might even find it worth $1.99 a month. Eight dollars a month is definitely out of my price range for something of so little value. That isn't to say that you might find more appeal from it, though I refuse to pay for cable because it's a waste of money, why give on my values for something that offers so little?

1 Star

I would give Hulu 1 star out of 5 possible stars.

I might have considered giving it 2 stars, if they hadn't sent me an email that said I could extend my free trial for a month. Silly me, I thought maybe I would have a month to see how often they updated their selection. Or at least a little more time to consider things. Though after I went to sign up to extend my free trial, they made it apparent that no one is getting a free month without giving up their credit digits.

False advertising definitely sends my business elsewhere.

If you've tried Hulu Plus, did you enjoy it?

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  • chasemillis profile image


    7 years ago

    I'm glad you gave a truthful review, I hate it when people say false things to just get you to buy stuff. And haha only 1 star out of 5, nice. Voted Up!


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