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Review of NCAA Football 09

Updated on June 5, 2009

The air of anticipation for the kickoff can be thick in your home while you're playing a football video game. However, it gets even thicker as you start playing NCAA 09 on your game system and realize it's a rivalry game for your team and your friend's team. Now this edition of NCAA 09 is a great one with numerous improvements from the 2008 edition.

The first notable improvement that you will see is that if you play in the Dynasty mode you can simulate some of the recruitment. I know that when I was playing the 2008 edition I would have to sit and go to the recruiting screen and do it all manually. The newly automated version is great in that you no longer have to do that.

The graphics have improved as well. This version you have people on the sidelines unlike the previous version that you had empty space. The people on the sideline add more to the realistic feel of the game. Another great feature that has been added is you can celebrate a touchdown with the mascot. No longer do you just run into the end zone and celebrate on your own run to the mascot and celebrate.

The game play has improved drastically as well. The 2009 edition has a smoother game play and I know that when I was playing the 2008 version from time to time the screen would jump and get really choppy. The 2009 edition runs smoothly even while you have multiple actions occurring at the same time on the game.

The one drawback that I did find is that like the professional version of the EA sports games the accelerated clock is not present. Granted in college ball it would not take a lot of time off, but it would be a nice addition so that you could control how far down to take the clock before breaking the huddle. For example instead of breaking the huddle with twenty seconds left and sitting on the field for ten to fifteen seconds waiting set it to break the huddle at ten seconds so you're not waiting as long.

Overall if you love college football and the atmosphere that it can provide this will be a great game for you. The game play and realism is definitely there and will allow you to feel more into the game than older versions. The game also has many new features that are a big addition that will help you control your own team's future for years to come.

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