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Review of Shopkins playsets

Updated on October 28, 2014

I thought if was bad for kids to play with their vegetables

Now you can tell your kids that it is OK to play with their vegetables. Shopkins vegetables that is, these vegetables have cute little faces. They live in the Shopkins grocery store. There are also Shopkins fruit, Shopkins bakery, and every other item you can think of that would be in a grocery store. There are over 140 Shopkins characters to collect including some hard to find rare characters.

About Shopkins playsets

Each Shopkins playset has some sort of "food" theme, there are Supermarket, Fruit & Vegetable, and Bakery playsets. Shopkins are rubbery characters modeled as different food with cute little faces. They are approximately an inch tall. Shopkins have the same composition of Squinkies. Each playset has some sort of cool working gizmo. For example, the Supermarket playset has a working hand operated conveyor belt at checkout while the Fruit & Vegetable playset has a cool juicer that Shopkins can slide down. The Bakery playset comes with a display case and mixer. Shopkins can take a spin in the mixing bowl in the Bakery playset!

Shopkins playsets also come with cute accessories like a shopping cart so you don't have to carry all of your Shopkins while shopping and grocery bags so you can take your Shopkins home after checkout.

Hmmm....I wonder if Shopkins would be all smiles if they knew that they will meet a gruesome death, like being chopped up and eaten in a salad, once they arrive at home.....ohhh the humanity ;-)

Shopkins playset assembly

You will be happy to know that very little assembly is required. Once removed from the package they are ready to be played with. There isn't even any stickers to apply. As a father the words I fear the most, especially on Christmas morning, is "SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED". I prepare for Christmas morning by assembling a tool kit along with all batteries required, anticipating that I will have a finite time to assemble all of the toys before my daughter gets crabby due to waking up at the crack of dawn. You will be happy to know that no batteries are required as well. All actions are done by little person power!

Shopkins playset fit and finish

The Shopkins playsets are of good quality for the $35 price. Each Shopkin has a detailed face and a finely detailed body that looks like an item you would find in a grocery store. As mentioned, the Shopkins are made of soft rubbery plastic, much like Squinkies, that are very forgiving when dropped or played with by little people. The playsets are made of a durable plastic and will survive rough play by small children. The plastic used to make the playset has some "give" and will not snap apart. The gizmos such as the conveyer belt in the Supermarket playset, the mixer in the Bakery playset, and the Juicer in the Fruits and Vegetables playset can be easily manipulated by small hands to make them move.

Shopkins Bakery Playset on Amazon

The Shopkins Supermarket Playset!
The Shopkins Supermarket Playset!

Example of a Shopkins playset

The Shopkins Supermarket Playset is both my daughters and my favorite. We love using the tiny little shopping cart to gather items on our grocery list. Then placing all of the items on the conveyor belt to be checked out then bagged in the little grocery bags. Opps, we forgot toothpaste, no problem there is a self with a Toothpaste Shopkin right by the cash register. It is also fun to have the Shopkins use the built in sliding board so that they can slide right into the waiting shopping cart!

Shopkins Supermarket Playset on Amazon

My daughter's Shopkins setup

My daughter 7 year old daughter uses her dollhouse as Shopkins central. This makes mommy and daddy very happy as we are not stepping on Shopkins while cleaning her room. The dollhouse serves as a natural storage compartment for the Shopkins. As you can see from the picture, My Little Pony ponies often frequent Shopkins stores to shop for fresh produce.

Shopkins Fruit & Vegetable Playset on Amazon

Shopkins Official Commercial!


Shopkins playsets will give your son or daughter hours of fun pretending to go grocery shopping then checking out and bagging the groceries to prepare them for the trip home. Maybe the grocery shopping experience will encourage your son or daughter to eat fresh fruits and vegetables at mealtime. Stranger things have happened.


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