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A guide to finding cheap Nintendo Wii games!

Updated on July 13, 2011

Cheap Nintendo Wii Games

Are you looking for the cheapest Nintendo Wii Games on the Internet. If the answer is yes, then look no further, you've found them. Maybe you are an enthusiast, a Wii addict or just looking for a Wii game to give as a gift. Below are a range of cheap Nintendo Wii Games that will suit all ages and interests, from the classic Mario games to the latest releases.

All of the games below are reviewed and have achieved some of the highest game reviews possible for the Nintendo Wii. All come with great postage rates and speedy delivery to make sure you get your game as quickly and cheaply as possible. Take a look at our cheap Nintendo Wii game recommendations and see if you cant find that next addictive guilty pleasure!

Cheap nintendo Wii Games

Super Mario Bros Wii

The original Nintendo game of the 80s, Super Mario Bros has come along way. The ultimate cheap Nintendo Wii game has to be this redeveloped version. Now it is possible for up to four players to co-operatively play this side scrolling platform game. Nintendo Wii technology has allowed the classic features of a Mario game with new features. Expansive play levels, new powerups and characters and of course the ability to play with your mates as different characters at the same time.

If you are looking for a cheap Nintendo Wii game that is also a classic, then you cant fail to be impressed with Super Mario Bros Wii.

Cheap Nintendo Wii Games

Just Dance 2 Wii Game

 Few video games can get a party going better than the Just Dance series. Copy the moves of the onscreen character in time to some funky modern tunes. Compete with your friends or just against your own personal score. Just dance 2 has taken the original game further allowing the more accurate recognition of the Wii controllers movement to reward better dancing. Just Dance 2 combines classic tunes from Wham! and BoneyM with modern hits from The Pussy Cat Dolls, Avril Lavigne and Mika.

For a cheap Nintendo Wii game that will get you up off your feet, then Just Dance 2 is the game for you!

Cheap Nintendo Wii Games

Mario Kart Wii

Loyal Nintendo enthusiasts are likely to remember fondly the original Super Mario Kart. Well now a version is available for the Wii. Race your go kart as your favourite Mario character. Will you choose the fast and nimble toad, the quick accelerating Princess or stick with the steady and reliable Mario? Best of all you can play this cheap Nintendo Wii game with up to four of your friends to see who really is king of the road!

Go play Lumberjacks!

 Take on your friends or play on your own as a wacky character entering a lumberjack tournament! Choose which competitor to be be and help them chop,saw, log roll and climb their way to victory. Test your balance and accuracy in over 15 different activities with 15 different characters.

This game is brilliant fun and fully incorporates all the typical exercise movements that you would associate with other Wii games. For entertaining your family and friends this cheap Nintendo Wii game is perfect!

Donkey Kong Country Returns

 Along with Mario, Donkey Kong is a true Nintendo gaming classic. Like the originals this game is a side scrolling platform game where you and a friend can play as Donkey Kong and  Kong as you search across your island collecting bananas and hidden objects whilst swinging from vines, riding mine carts and dodging enemies using character abilities to overcome challenging situations.

For a themed co-operative cheap Wii game, Donkey Kong Country Returns will keep you entertained and challenged for a long time. This game has virtually flawless reviews from hundreds of buyers.

Cheap nintendo Wii Games

Wii Sports Resort

 Few  sequels live up to the excitement of the original. Yet Wii sports resort far surpasses the original Wii Sports. Wii sports resort takes advantage of the new Wii motion plus technology to enhance some classic games and bring a whole host of others. For a cheap Nintendo Wii game that will keep you and your friends active for hours, Wii Sports Resort will be the game for you. Swordplay, frisbee, archery and wake boarding are just some of the many new games that get you competing in a realistic and addictive manner. Don't worry about getting too good and losing the sense of challenge, new levels and game formats will open up as you progress.

Carnival Games for the Nintendo Wii

 For a game that is perfect for all the family, why not try Carnival Games for the Wii? This game brings you a range of classic fairground games that you and your friends can compete at to see who really is king of the carnival. test of strength, the dunk tank, milk bottle throw and alley ball are all there to be mastered and help you win that ultimate carnival prize; the virtual goldfish in a bag!

If you are looking for a cheap Nintendo Wii game that can entertain the family for the evening or perhaps need an icebreaker for a dinner party then Carnival Games is a must. Alternatively why not try Carnival Games; Mini Golf and compete with up to three other players over 27 exciting holes.

Cheap nintendo Wii Games

Cheap Nintendo Wii Games

Wii Fit Plus

 The original Wii Fit bought the Nintendo Wii its first real taste of success. now its successor, Wii Fit Plus has introduced a wealth of new games, exercises and challenges to help you improve your overall fitness. Let your own personal fitness guide take you through a program of activities each designed to help you improve different areas of your well being. Many of the activities are based around games that successfully distract you from the hard work you are putting in. The balance board is the crucial component to many of the games and comes together with the game in this cheap Nintendo Wii game pack.

We Ski and Snowboard Wii game

 For owners of the Wii balance board looking for a realistic winter sports game you couldn't go wrong with We ski and Snowboard. Also playable with a controller and nunchuk, this cheap Nintendo Wii game will transport you to the slopes to experience a wintery thrill ride. Race friends, go off piste, take on moguls and slaloms and compete in centipede races with up to three friends. As skiing video games go, this is one of the best available at an impossible to beat price.

Nintendo Wii Accessories

If you are looking for a gift for someone or now need a new accessory to enhance one of your games, then why not have a look at our guide to some of the best Nintendo Wii Accessories.


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    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      Thanks veery much Marklar1. It was fun to write and got me thinking about which cheap Nintendo Wii game to buy next myself...

    • Marklar1 profile image

      Marklar1 7 years ago

      Good list of cool games. Nice hub.