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Review on ACE Online

Updated on December 13, 2011

Soar in the skies...

Previously known as Space Cowboy now comes a new server with many updated stuff, bring you Ace Online.

Ace Online is a game where you pilot your own type of jet fighter (or even the land vehicle which can also be a flying one too) where each jet fighter features their own specialty. Support planes are heavy moving fortresses that can reverse, jet fighters move fast and shoot down planes, bombers are hybrids that can take over the skies in numbers, and land vehicles which can shoot from land or move to the air.

When you play this game you find yourself in a world of constant war: 2 nations are constantly fighting each other and gunning each other's planes down (strange that there are no infantry). You also get to fight mythical creatures (land or flying) and even fight griffins or flying stingrays.

Variety is this game's best one-word description. Different weapons, different armors (craftable ones or NPC-Shop), monster drops that are amazingly rare and much more. The big bosses of each area are rather cool-looking: mordern looking bunkers, a furious flying griffin or even a slithering but angry cobra!


Gameplay: 7.5

Featuring the real feel of a flight simulator, and even the turbo boost (something like nitro). Realism is also a plus here: fuel, durability which all sums up to you wasting money on repairs. However, the fairly difficult controls gave a negative impact on this rating, because of you require to land here and there. However, these also add to the realism where you can dodge enemies and cliffs and avoid smashing to your team mates plane.

However, the monotonous and repetitive gameplay gives this rating a negative impact. Why? A small player base and missions that are usually about killing mobs and players. This all comes down to the rating of 7.5.

Graphics : 7

Not exactly cutting edge, but nonetheless still worthy of being called '3D'. Due to its fairly outdated engine in making of this game, it causes a few lag issues now and then. However, realism also give this a BIG PLUS like smoke emitting from your engine, crashing towards the ground etc. For this, I give it a 7.

More Ratings!

Fun: 9

Being the pilot of your futuristic flying monster, you get to take the wheels and shoot the crap out of your enemy. Fire your torpedoes! Gun 'em down!

Secruity: 9.5

Wouldn't give a 10, there's no such thing as 0 hack and 0 botters, but sure enough I didn't get to see a single botter or hacker though.

Multiplayer: 8

During wars between the factions teaming up isn't a bad idea. You can team up with a bunch of support planes and fighters, gun your enemies down, then fly away and let your 'support-ive' friends tank the damage. Multiplayer is certainly required in these kinds of situations, and you can also find a caring friend (rather, stranger) that might follow you and help each other climb up the ladder (if planes can climb, that is).


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