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Review on APB Reloaded

Updated on December 12, 2011

APB Reloaded

What is it about?

It's all about being the cop, or being the bad guy. The near-perfect recreation of GTA, with better graphics of course. It's now F2P, and everyone can play it!

You can choose to be the cop, you drive a cop car which you can customise, or 'borrow' civilian cars, and find criminals (or rather, criminals that aren't doing any crimes but just that they are getting abit on your nerves) that are doing crimes, then arrest or kill them. In fact, you're almost the same as a criminal but different is you don't go around robbing stores and mugging people.

You can be a criminal, causing havoc, or staying under the radar. You roam about the streets, acting cool, mug random civilians, or participate in missions and kill cops. That's right, you are the boss of yourself... sometimes.

The game features cutting-edge graphics by the Unreal Engine 3, and with all the killing it's rated 18+ or M. Whatever, the thing is, it's the fun that is in it.

Well then, here are the cons of this game...


Well, seriously, you are being killed by this guy a few times and you kept respawning and thus you got fed up. In fact, he's a hacker. It's easy to spot a hacker: one-hit k.o.s, able to wallhack and walk through walls like walking through air, and speed his speed up to 500 times.

Losing out to the veterans.

When I first joined, I fought with veterans and realised what was wrong with this game, it was a bit unbalanced. Come on, an experienced player gets to unlock bazookas and sniper rifles, yet I only get a pathetic rifle -.-.


With a premium, you can rise through the ranks so quickly. Without it, you crawl up the ladder with difficulty: i took 5 months to be able to get a good rank and at least be well-known in the game.


...this game features teamwork. You can plugin your headphone and chat with strangers (not recommended, even though I did). But this is really 18+, so it's not suited for teenagers because of the many vulgar words and obscenities. Even nude pictures get to be painted by people on the billboards and walls :X

But however, your character customisation is totally up to you, you can be a fat, heavily bearded man or you can be a young muscular man, everything is up to you! You can design your own tattoos and your own car, and even design cars for other people (like selling the design to others, earning a lot of money!).

Well then, I've quit this game because of the hackers, but if you want to try, go ahead! It's up to you. Don't take my word, read more reviews and then go ahead and plunge into the game.

If you don't like this, try another version: Crimecraft.


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