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Review on CabalOnline/CabalSea

Updated on December 20, 2011

The Overview

Cabal. It's a wonderful world, really. With many beautiful places like Bloody Ice and the uber-cool looking jungle like Green Despair. Even desolate places like Fort Ruina were graphically accurate.

So you are playing Cabal. You login and realised you had 6 classes to choose from. The Warrior, the Blader, the Wizard, the Force Archer, the Force Shielder and lastly the Force Blader. Let's say you chose the Warrior and then you find yourself in the middle of a small village, and when you go through the stores you find cool-looking armor and weapons.

Well, maybe your first suit looks like something made of scraps, but then as you advance, wow, titanium, shadowtitanium, and you can even wear capes! That's right, then you even have hovering boards and super futuristic bikes.

Every class has cool skills. As you advance forward, you ditch your old boring skills and get those flashy ones that make people go 'ooh' and 'aah'.

Then as you climb higher in the level ladder, you may slow down, and start to enjoy the game more instead of the normal hack-n-slash thing, and you find the theme music rather worth listening. The ultimate guitar shredding of Undead Ground, the relaxed music of Green Despair and the rather similar (not totally) music to Pachelbel's Canon in D music in Port Lux.

But that's not all.

The Quest NPCs you will be 'talking' to.
The Quest NPCs you will be 'talking' to. | Source


Yes, you find good graphics, and good music too but then you realise something horrible and terrible as you level up to 50. What is it? It's so terrifying and scary and frightening! What is it?

Botters and hackers.

Yes, sadly, despite the 'Gameguard' thing being said to protect you and detect whether you are using 3rd-party programs, bot programs are still being updated everytime, 10x faster than Gameguard. Somehow, botters are very easy to spot, with nonsensical names like 'hdhdghg' or even 'endfig' . They don't have a nation even if they're lvl 190, and so you only gain 1 honor point when you kill 'em in warzones.

Plus, you have to do the chore of changing your subpass and password every day to prevent yourself from being hacked. Cabal's security has dropped drastically over the years. So it's rather difficult to do your normal quests because botters can just stay at one spot and kill the monsters. Report 'em you say, you report one you find another, that's how bad it can get.


But then, you won't have to worry about leveling and stuff. You want to level? Just talking to a quest NPC can level you up a few times without knowing. I leveled to 50 in just 2 hours and in the past it took me 2 months. SEE THE DIFFERENCE. I'm not kidding or pulling your leg, really.

Also, you may find yourself having a 100million Alz without knowing. Don't spend much money till you're level 100, and do Support T quests to get the Odd Circles and sell them for 7million each, you find yourself a multi-millionaire without doing much.

Plus, cash-dependent players would lose out now. Cabal changed a lot so much that cash-dependent players would = normal players w/o using cash. Why? You get astral boards from bosses, you get armors that are so rare just from a normal dungeon mob, and you even get cash items from dungeon bosses!

This is all I have to say, playing is up to you. Have fun!


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