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Review on Dragon Nest

Updated on December 12, 2011

Dragon Nest. Ahh, another anime-themed 3D MMORPG filled with cool skills, a big player base and also the 'class' system that is common among many MMORPGs.

It also features 3 different weapons availabe of use for each of the 4 classes: ranging from voodoo dolls for the spellcasters to the crossbows for the archers. Also, the graphics of this game is pretty well-done, featuring nice antialiasing-not-required 3D graphics and stunning animations of skills that are coupled together with sounds of battle.

PvP battles are all done in the Colosseum, where there are many different arenas (featuring a Ghoul Mode) at your disposal to fight it out. There also titles to be put beside your char. name: such as 'Mom's Friend's Son' to even just the simple 'Cool'.

This game features crafting of weapons, and also the a fixed-of-long-loading-time trading merchant/auction house. You can also collect gifts that are dropped from mobs, and then give 'em to NPCs and gain alliance points from their own guilds. Points can be exchanged for some cool weapons and armours!

This game features dungeon-questing. Which means that everything is done at dungeons. It's better in a way that no one will steal your mob kill, but then no one will be able to help you if you're soloing one dungeon.

Mobs are also rather cute. After all, it's anime-themed.


Leveling is a bit of a chore.

Questing gives you alot of exp, and dungeons also feature bonus exp and predicted exp after the whole dungeon, but trying to level to lvl 25 is like trying to drink water upside down. Possible, but requires ALOT of questing and dungeon and stuff.

Good thing is, few hackers.

Why did I say few? Well, no game has 0 hackers unless your game is being played in Fort Knox or whatever, but nothing is impenetrable by the ever-advancing technology of humans. Hackers are very rare, botters too, so you do not need to worry about all of them at all.

Not really cash-dependent.

Cash users, of course get all the benefits like having a cool mount, or able to speak in zonal/world chat but then, without cash you can still play like a real pro. There are no limited functions like limited classes, and the only sad thing is that I want the fortification protection jelly when i'm fortifying my equipment, because when they go over +6 failure causes destruction of the equip =(

Good IQ required.

Unless you're a cash-cashy-cash user, you do not need to worry 'bout that. But somehow, archers will always lose in PvPs (most of the time, if any of you archers out there win in PvPs, tell me 'bout it =D) and mercenaries tend to deal very low damage to other classes so on and so forth. It required good dexterity (of fingers) and good timing to press those buttons.

And so, I highly recommend Dragon Nest as being one of the best MMORPGs in the market. Have fun playing this game! I guarantee you a whopping good time. (if you don't, treat as if you didn't read this at all *winks*)


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