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Review on Grand Fantasia

Updated on December 12, 2011


Even the graphics were cute. This game is of course, anime RPG, and of course it would have a lot of cute stuff. It has: cuddly cute sprites, wolves that look very cute, giant ostriches that pecks and RABBITS MADE OF JELLY.

This game features a totally original system: the sprite system, where you get a cute sprite, train it to make things that you want: just like your pet, but more of a slave really. You also get to start on a totally cute island called Siwa Island, then advance on and continue to be the class that you wanted. Hunter, fighter etc.

This game features a different system of leveling, you get 10 bars at the bottom and one bar at the top, where everytime the one bar fills one of the 10 bars fills up. There also REP quests (repetitive) where you kill mobs or get stuff from killing mobs or even buy the required stuffs from other people and then submit those stuff and you get EXP and Gold.

The game features a few classes that are rather rare in MMORPGs, like Necromancers and Sages. The monster-summoning mage/witch and the shape-shifting healer. These aren't very rare and they are worth trying.

You get to craft things like resonance stones to attach to your weapons to increase its stats, and this game requires scroll (attack/defense) in order to fortify a weapon (+1, +2 etc.). And each scroll features different success rates.

Leveling is a bit of a chore.

It's not like a quest gives you 5 bars of EXP, it's like 1 or sometimes just maybe 9/10 of the one bar. It's very troublesome just to level to 40.

Sprites fail a lot. Really.

Sprites basically craft stuff for you, but then they fail everytime they craft something good. Training it is also a bit of a chore, and it's kinda troublesome to have to repeat the same thing over and over again just to get your one single thing.

Skills are very boring.

Yea, skills = 1/2 of the gameplay. The necromancer's drain life skill is basically something white coming out from a monster and the sound 'phewwwwww' then your hp get replenished. Many skills are boring, and the way it's performed is repetitive.


There's this set of armor called 'Legacy'. With 'Legacy' you get to have 20%+Combat EXP and 15%+Movement Speed etc. But then, there are also AP-users who get cool mounts, and when they buy a legacy they get free stuff and so on. In other words, AP users have an edge over non-AP users.

That's about it. I didn't find it enjoyable because of it being very 'rigid' but you can try it. It's rather enjoyable in the first few levels, but not the later levels. Have fun Fantasia-ing!


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