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RezFX HD Futuristic Minecraft Texture Pack (64 x 64)

Updated on April 17, 2011

Now this is a HD texture pack worth talking about. Unashamedly futuristic, the pack was originally inspired by Tron. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, another Tron pack how boring. But wait. This texture pack is well done in ways that others simply aren't. It's not all glaring vivid colors, nor is it only straight lines all over the place. It's a complex, textured texture pack that I fell in love with at the loading screen.

Now granted, this isn't going to be a texture pack for everyone, nor is it going to be a texture pack for all eventualities. It's a texture pack that you use when you want grids instead of grass.Different biomes produce differently colored grass, and sand, well, sand is just a sea of gray.

Ores are impossible to miss on account of being brighter and more angularly lined than the sun. Which is pretty bright, but not angularly lined. Already we have a viable point of difference. Trees come in an amazing array of 'burn your retinas out' bright colors, and wooden tree trunks are contain mysterious interfaces with shiny buttons.

Exteriors might hurt your eyes, but the interiors of this texture pack are amazing. The screenshot above includes a bed, ice blue torch, glowstone lighting, storage chests lining the walls and finally, a bank of furnaces. Okay, yeah, they'll hurt your eyes too.

See those arrows there? Those are ladders, and beyond the clear glass, that's a red cactus just waiting for someone to accidentally walk into it.

It's actually a little unfortunate that the texture pack is so very hard on the eyes, but I have to give the creator full credit for taking a theme and sticking to it. If you go exploring in this world, you'll find nothing but endless data. You can farm entire jars of nutritious bytes (wheat) by inserting floppy disks (seeds) into the data banks (earth.) This texture pack stays in character at all costs, and I respect it for that. The only major departure from the theme I found was when using the bright black and white circular 'bow' I found that it fired wooden arrows, a little strange in a world where there is no wood.

I found my first wolf in the particular world that I was trying this texture pack out on, and it was a beautiful and wondrous experience. Electric wolves are something of an endangered species, you know - I highly encourage you to hunt one down and tame it.

Download RezFX HD Texture Pack


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