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Riddle in the puzzle

Updated on June 7, 2010


Riddles in the puzzle

Riddle in the puzzle

I am naturally a curious person; I enjoy taking problems and finding solutions to fix them. There was once a time when the television in the house was messed up and everyone had tried all they could to fix it all to no avail but I went through the manual though I could not fully comprehend it because of the technical terms and the manual was at least 150pages long, I went to work with the little knowledge I was able to grasp and the television was fixed.


This was not once in a while situation as my curiosity spans across varied subjects including human beings and our life time on earth; I use my hand and imagination to solve any problem even if I do not know the original plan and it usually works. It is therefore no wonder that I am attracted to puzzle games. I love puzzle games from the simplest to the hardest though I must admit that the hardest frustrates me to the point of quitting whenever I am unable to find a solution. Whenever I try to put the pieces in the jigsaw together and it seems so hard despite having seen the original picture, there is a nagging tugging in my mind to keep enduring and persevering till I finally find the solution.


I try to believe that I have a photographic memory that when the big picture is shown, I immediately grasp the concept the only disadvantage to this is that every other tiny detail might be missing which frustrates me when I get stuck in the rut trying to fix the seemingly hard puzzle. Life in so many ways is like the jigsaw in the puzzle; some we may say find it easy or are lucky - these I call the easy puzzle and some we may say find life hard – the hard puzzle, though out of the challenges we find in life, which most people call a hard life comes a newness that fulfil God’s plans and purpose for our lives.


At this point I will like to encourage people that, if you are someone like me with the hardest of the puzzle at hand, trying to figure it out all the time, from the inception when it was all laid out before me, if you have been privileged enough to know and see the original image right from the start but somehow you got confused in the middle when too much pressure mounted, if the seemingly hardest to find and fix in the puzzle is the simplest of them all or each scattered pieces found is hard to put together or put back on, or you cannot even figure it out; then do not worry because all you need to do is go back to the manual and read the instructions to help you put it all together.


Go back to view the original picture and get the puzzle sorted. Go back to the creator of the puzzle to show you how to put the pieces back together because only He can put the seemingly hard back in the heart of the puzzle to complete it. Only God completes the puzzles of life, He completes me and can do the same for you. He completes the puzzles in my life and He completes the puzzles in your life.



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    • profile image

      hopezone 7 years ago

      Thank you haryor, your posts always make me think twice!

      Sometime we delibrately throw away d manual since the gadget is been working properly for so long, despite its d infomation link between us and the gadget maker...

      Likewise is man that delibrately ignore or avoid the "WORD" that may link him to his maker!

      The creator of the puzzle always knows something we dont, so it's why He put the guidance down all along incase we get to tough stage...hmm

      may we have the courage to finish the game successfully !