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Rise Walkthrough

Updated on August 26, 2013
Rise is copyright Hades and Hyptosis. Images used for educational purposes only.
Rise is copyright Hades and Hyptosis. Images used for educational purposes only.

A tower. All of the answers lay at the top, viciously guarded by a grand defender. Do you have what it takes to reach the 300th floor? Or will you give up long before you see the top? Let's find out. Welcome to Rise.


Rise is a randomly-generated RPG. The goal of your excursion is to ascend the tower, three floors at a time. Each time you bypass three floors you'll encounter an enemy, an item, a vendor, or a random encounter which may or may not help you. Beat enemies and you'll earn gold to spend on items and upgrades. Lose and you'll have to respawn… albeit with one third less cash.

Choosing a Class

Your path through Rise begins with the choice of a character class. This will determine your performance in the game, so choose wisely. It is recommended that you pick a martial character for your first trip through, but all classes ultimately have their upsides.

  • Warrior. All-around powerful, save in magic. The Warrior is a good starting class for your first trip up the tower. Strength and Vitality are ideal.
  • Thief. Evasive and tricksy. Thieves seldom get hit - but they are utterly lacking in vitality. You'll want to save up a lot of Health Potions. On the plus side, Thieves are much better at using moves with low accuracy such as Stab. Focus on building up Dexterity.
  • Monk. A powerful mixture of physical skills and mana. With a little bit of luck, a Dexterity-rich Monk will have no trouble whatsoever ascending the tower. Note that you can still receive melee upgrades as a Monk, despite never receiving an improved weapon.
  • Priest. All mana, no muscles. The Priest relies on Heal to survive, as his HP is very low and his attacks don't hit too hard. If you luck out and get a Willpower boost or two early on, the Priest will take you far. If not, your journey will be a long, hard struggle up the tower.
  • Paladin. The combat version of the Priest, complete with healing. Paladins are powerful warriors, but they're horribly lacking in accuracy. Beef up Dexterity to four or five and this class will have no trouble surviving the tower.
  • Knight. Knights are very similar to Paladins in that they suffer from poor accuracy, but they have significantly more Vitality, thus more HP. Few other classes are likely to have as much HP, and with some Strength and Dexterity a Knight will be unstoppable.
  • Barbarian. A brutal warrior with high starting attack strength and decent accuracy. Despite having a low-ish Vitality, the Barbarian usually won't have any trouble surviving battles. Strength and Dexterity are key for making the most of the Barbarian's Stab attack, which, by the end of your run, will probably be demolishing everything in your way.
  • Ranger. A mixture of the Priest and the Thief, the Ranger combines the best of both and adds in slightly more resiliency. Upgrade your Ranger's Dexterity whenever you get the chance and his Longshot move will brutalize just about anything. Sidearm is also a fantastic move for wiping out the final boss.
  • Wizard. A glass cannon, the Wizard gets a ton of mana and some very powerful attack spells but is as fragile as they get. Dexterity will keep him alive; Willpower will turn him into a one-man wrecking crew. Mana Potion purchases are an absolute must.
  • Sorceress. Another hybrid class, the Sorceress is a mixture of Wizard and Ranger. Her spells are not as powerful as those of the Wizard and she's not as physically strong as the Ranger, but she settles down as a happy medium more than capable of making the trip. Willpower is crucial, as is Dexterity, though not necessarily both at the same time. Mana Potions are again critical the Sorceress' success, as she can heal herself with Firstaid.
  • Ninja. The last of the hybrids, the Ninja is a Thief married to a Monk with some of its own charm. A Ninja will have an easier time making it up the tower than a Thief on average, and is a good class choice for those who aren't afraid to exhaust their mana.

This article covers the moves each character class can use. Many moves cross over into multiple classes; some are unique.


As with all RPGs, Rise depends on physical and mental stats to determine your combat capabilities. There are six stats in all.

  • Health. Your HP. Once your health runs out, you're dead. Health is increased by raising your Vitality score.
  • Mana. Your MP. Many moves require MP to use or cast.
  • Strength. Your physical might. Many attack moves are tied to your Strength stat.
  • Dexterity. Your physical maneuverability. Dexterity determines your evasiveness in combat. It is also tied to your accuracy in physical combat, and sometimes determines the strength of a move.
  • Vitality. Your physical fortitude. Vitality is tied to your health.
  • Willpower. Your mental prowess. Willpower is tied to the strength of many spells. Increasing your Willpower score will also increase your mana.

Note that unlike most other RPGs, you do not gain experience from killing enemies, only gold. Stats are raised in other ways.


Rise consists of a series of random encounters as you ascend the tower. They will change as you move higher and higher in the tower, growing more and more deadly (though also more profitable). There are few differences between the enemies, and though some have unique moves, all will spend their turns trying to hurt you. It is recommended that you choose a move tied to a particular stat and use that move to waste most of your enemies as you ascend. None of them are especially weak to any particular moves.

Random Encounters

Not everything in Rise wants to kill you. Below is a list of the people and things you may come across while ascending the tower.

Simone. Periodically you'll run across this young woman while ascending the tower. She will sell your warrior helpful items that will keep you alive, including:

  • Small Health Potions - Restores one tenth of your HP. Costs five gold.
  • Large Health Potions - Restores all of your HP. Costs 30 gold.
  • Mana Potions - Restores all of your mana. Costs 15 gold.
  • Rage Potions - The next attack you land does double damage. Costs 10 gold.
  • Bombs - Deals 20 percent damage to an enemy. Better against high-level foes. Costs 20 gold.

The Veteran. The only other friendly(ish) face you'll find in the tower is that of the Veteran. This grizzled old warrior will train you to be stronger than you are… at a cost of gold. The higher a stat, the more expensive it is to raise it to the next level.

Secret Passage. A hologram encountered while climbing claims that you can bypass several floors of the tower by using a shortcut. If you get lucky, this secret route will do as advertised. If not… well, pain. Not really worth the bother.

Canned Food. Mmmm, mystery meat. You have a choice: eat… or don't. There's an equal chance that you'll restore HP or lose it. All in all, it's best to avoid Canned Food unless you're desperate for health.

Enchanted Fruit. Every so often you'll luck out and come across a stash of Enchanted Fruit. This stuff will immediately restore your HP to full. Lucky.

Medical Supplies. Basically the same as Enchanted Fruit, though you regain less health.

Gold Coin. You find a coin that's worth more than the average coin. Specifically, five times as much. Woo.

Spare Cash. True. He doesn't need it anymore. No point turning down 15 gold.

Exotic Gems. A big heap of valuable gems, worth 50 gold. Score!

Strange Gem. It looks tempting, but this stupid gem will drain your mana and naught else. Doi.

Strange Bell. Doesn't… seem to do anything…?

Random Stat Bonuses

In addition to the above, you may also come across items which will bump up your stats. These are always to your benefit.

  • Enchanted Armor. A bump in health? Always welcome. Enchanted Armor will raise your HP by ten points.
  • Basilisk Tooth Necklace. Ooo, very fancy. Basilisk Tooth Necklaces increase your mana by ten points.
  • Ancient Relics. A godsend for any class. Ancient Relics add two points to your Strength or Spirit, depending on the kind you come across.
  • Enchanted Potion. Drink up. Enchanted Potions add one point to your Spirit.
  • Enchanted Charm. A happy little discovery. Enchanted Charms add one point to your Dexterity.
  • Fire Sprite. Dance, little one! Fire Sprites add two points to your Dexterity.
  • Better Weapon. If you're lucky, you'll run across a weapon that's better than what you have. Your damage is now permanently raised.
  • Anvil and Forge. Smithing time! An Anvil and Forge will improve your melee damage by one point.
  • Dark Stone Totem. Oooo, how mysterious and evil. Dark Stone Totems will improve your melee damage by two points.


On the 300th floor you will always face the CEO, the final boss of Rise. He's a potent opponent with a lot of stamina and powerful attacks. By far the best way to deal with the CEO is to store up a lot of Bombs and use them at the beginning of the fight. Three Bombs will reduce him to half his HP. From there it's a simple matter of whittling him down to zero while keeping yourself alive. The CEO has 100 HP, double that of the highest-rated enemy elsewhere in the game.

What happens after you beat the CEO? You start over! You conquered the tower! Congratulations. Time for another class!

Survival Tips

  • Rise is random. There's no way to tell what's going to happen when you ascend the stairs. Consequently, you need to plan for the worst.
  • Spend your money when you have over 100 gold. Hoarding it up too much won't help you unless you luck out and find one of the rarer, more important random encounters, such as the Veteran. In most cases holding onto your gold jealously will only cost you more should you die.
  • Try not to spend too much if you have less than 100 gold. You want to be able to afford at least a few upgrades if you come across the Veteran.
  • Use your mana. Most of your mana-based moves are quite helpful. Don't neglect them, even if you're using a martial class.
  • Dexterity is your best friend. None of the other stats come close, save perhaps Strength and Willpower. Without Dexterity you can't hit; with Dexterity, you can't be hit. Always invest at least a bit of gold into Dexterity.
  • Last, don't die. This seems like a no-brainer suggestion, but it's more logical than you might think. Death is not a setback in this game; you will continue up the tower regardless. The problem is that you'll do so with less gold. Gold is a necessity for purchasing items and upgrades, and if you stagger through the tower dying constantly you'll never be able to beat the CEO when you reach the top. The only exception to this rule comes when you have very little gold - sometimes it's easier to just die and get your health and mana back than to try to win a losing fight by sacrificing items.

Which is your favourite character class in Rise?

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