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Rise of the Argonauts-Review

Updated on February 21, 2010

Storyline- Pretty good, they took enough creative liberties with the original that it became something new in and of itself, well written and fairly enjoyable, even each separate character had a unique story it was even interesting to walk around the Argo and hear the conversations they exchanged with each other. The dialog system and its choices was oddly reminiscent of Mass effect even though I cant quite tell you what each separate choice could have wrought. 20/20

Graphics -
Sadly quite unrefined, the edges were rough and frequent graphical glitches and the facial expressions consisted of shock and neutral that’s all there really was. There were also several collision issues in cinematic as well as a few in game. 5/10

Game play-
A drastically toned down God of war like system, the combos were fewer and aside form the god powers and the fact that you have a shield it was pretty much the same, not at all original and the weapons swap attacks didn’t flow nearly as well as it could or should have. 9/15

Enjoy ability-
I found the story and the collection of new and cool weapons quite fun, but aside from the first run I could never see myself playing this again, I just don’t care to. 15/20

Art direction-
Quite well done, the weapons and armor looked original and even each place you went to reminded you of Greek mythology. 10/10

Sound &VA-
Very well acted, but the expressions of the characters really reduced what would have been phenomenal voice acting to just above average, somehow the character expressions made it hard to believe what was spoken. 8/10

As long as it should be but like I said I don’t care to try it differently I am pretty sure that the different god choices would have the same out come and even if they didn’t the story really could be all that different from one play thorough to another, it ends up being quite linear. 14/15

Total- 81/100

Bottom line- It wouldn’t be a bad game to rent or pick up when its cheaper than 10 bucks or so, it gives you quite a few choices and that’s great if you like that sort of thing, if your more in it for great combat this game doesn’t have it, sometimes you feel unbeatable sometimes you feel incredibly weak its really quite uneven. The Game truly feels like someone tossed an old Jason and the Argonauts movie, God of War and Mass Effect into a blender, sounds strange but it worked pretty well!

The 5-

1- An interesting take on the story Jason and the Argonauts

2- Cool characters

3- 4 Skill trees to choose from that you can mix and match!

4- Different weapons and armor look drastically different!

5- God powers truly make you feel like you have the favor of the gods!


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