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Robots and robot building in The Sims 3

Updated on May 18, 2014

The advantages of a robot

A robot can be great company for your Sim, but they can also be very useful and help you with all kinds of household chores. You can build in certain chips into a robot to make them either clean, cook, garden, babysit and more. Robots can also have a romantic relationship with a Sim, but they cannot reproduce (sorry, no robot babies..)

Is it a Sim? Is it a robot? is a Simbot fan!
Is it a Sim? Is it a robot? is a Simbot fan!

Robot trait

The bot fan trait is a new trait that comes with the “into the future” expansion pack. If your Sim has this trait you can click on the Sim and have it change into a robot form. Your Sim will not actually look that much like a robot (see picture on the right). This trait can give some advantages as well when getting into the Bot building career:

  • 15% increase in Bot building skills
  • 50% faster relationship building with robots
  • Option to use the robot disguise to enter in the bot competition in Oasis Landing

Having a robot without building one

Would you like to add a robot to your household, but you do not want to build one yourself (which takes time)? This is possible! You can buy a robot in the robot shop (the bot emporium). Take into account, though, that buying a robot is not cheap and its price is also depending on the chips it has installed. There are two ways to get to the Bot Emporium:

  • Use the portal to travel to the future (Oasis Landing). Find the Bot emporium via the city overview.
  • You can place the Bot emporium in any town by going to the “edit town” and the “community lots” tab where you can find the Bot emporium and place it into your town.

The Bot emporium

The Bot emporium is basically a consignment store where you can consign any robot building objects and also buy them. You can find a robot workstation there where you can work on your botbuilding skills if needed (although you can find it in buy mode as well) There are some displays with robots that you can buy. The price of the robots are somewhere between 1000 and 7000 Simoleons which is quite expensive. The difference in price depends on

  • The amount of chips that can be installed installed in the robot (each chip is a different robot function)
  • The quality level of the robot; a cheap robot needs maintenance more often and its energy will decrease in a faster rate.
  • Whether the robot already has some chips installed or not.

The chips can also be bought via the consignment specialist, but they often come at an expensive price (between 300 and 1000 Simoleons per chip). Per day the consignment specialist has 2 or 3 chips that you can buy, if you do not find the chip you want, check again the next day.

Robot building as a profession

The robot building career is a self-employed career which means that you have to get a skill in bot building (via the robot work station) and then you can register yourself as self-employed via your phone. This career is actually quite profitable as you can make robots and robot chips that you can sell with the consignment store for good money. Even in the beginning levels you can create chips that would sell in the consignment store for up to 800 Simoleons per chip. The advantage of building a robot yourself is that you can design your robot, the chips to install to it and when you increase your skills you will be able to increase the chip slots in your robot as well as tuning your robot until its quality improves.

Bot building but not in Oasis Landing
If you want to pursue the bot building career in your main town and not in Oasis Landing, it is advised to place the Bot emporium lot into your own town via the “edit town” option. That way you can still sell your chips and buy your parts and nanites when needed. When you begin your career it is still advised to take a longer trip to Oasis Landing and go on a nanite-collecting spree. Try to collect all of them and “reverse engineer” each of them. Just collect a bunch of them to use in your main town, as you cannot get them. Once you are in your main town you can use the parts that you got when reverse engineering to create the nanite you need through the robot work station. When you run out of nanites you could always go for another visit to Oasis Landing if you want, as buying parts for the nanites in the consignment store is more expensive.

Robot building skill levels

Chips available
Design nanites, create nanites, robot maintenance, design chips
Design and create trait chips
Efficient Cleaner trait chip
Build a robot
Steel chef, fear of humans chip
Reverse engineer nanites
Robot Nanny, Friendly functions chip
Earn money by performing maintenance on non-household robots. When you perform maintenance the quality of the robot may improve
Sense of humor, mean chip
Possibility to install 4th chip slot in a robot
Mood change, office drone, musical machine chip
Chance to improve a robots quality when tuning up
Solar energy, possibility to love, gardener
Possibility to install 5th chip slot in a robot
Endless learning, simulated emotions, algorythm
Possibility to install 6th chip slot in a robot
Holo projector, Efficiency
Robots that you build will now come with 7 chip slots / you can now install the 7th chip slot into a robot
Sentience (needed to complete lifetime wish)
The robot workstation
The robot workstation

Robot working station

The robot workstation gives you 6 different options needed for building chips and robots. In the beginning you will only have a few options available (as shown in the table above). The following options are:

  • Designing nanites: nanites can be found in the wastelands of Oasis Landing and are needed to make the different chips for the robots. There are a number of different ones and the ones with a square shape are the most rare to be found. You can find the nanites between 6am and 11pm after which they will disappear until the next morning.
  • Creating nanites: When you reach level 4 you will be able to reverse engineer nanites. Reverse engineering nanites will enable you to learn how to create nanites and you will get certain parts by doing this so you can use them to build other nanites. Until you are able to reverse engineer nanites it is best to keep at least one of each sort in your inventory.
  • Designing trait chips: The higher the skill in bot building the better and more advanced trait chips can be designed.
  • Creating trait chips: When creating trait chips there is no 100% success rate, especially in the beginning levels. You can only create those trait chips that you have designed.

Build a robot: Building a robot is possible when you reach skill level 3 and it costs 250 Simoleons. You will then be brought to the create-a-robot screen which is similar to the create-a-Sim screen. The robot that you create will be added automatically to your household. The higher the skill in bot building the more chip slots the robot will have and the better the quality of the robot will be.


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