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Rocksmith Authentic Guitar Game Review

Updated on April 3, 2013

Rocksmith Gameplay Preview

What Is Rocksmith?

Rocksmith is one of the best among the many guitar games out there. This is the first game to allow players to plug a real guitar into their console or PC and learn to play songs through the game interface. Any electric guitar is compatible with the game, just plug in and play. The game comes with a cable that converts the guitars electric signal to a digital one so that the game knows what it is you're doing. How cool is that?!

This is great for people learning how to play guitar because unlike other guitar games like Guitar Hero, it doesn't include a cheesy plastic guitar with only buttons. It's the real thing all the way. That makes it a lot easier to actually learn how to play and have fun doing it.

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Is Rocksmith Any Good?

I was finally able to get my hands on this game and I've got to say I am impressed. I consider myself at least an intermediate guitar player and this game is still challenging enough to be fun and not too easy. The different difficulty settings really help you get the game to a point that you're learning but not overwhelming yourself. It's way better than the other guitar games with the stupid plastic guitars and buttons.

I tried it with all of my guitars and it worked just fine with every one of them, no guitar worked better or worse so it's true that it will work with any guitar. Well, any electric guitar of course.

I really like the mini games that help you learn things like scales, I always had trouble with these but the game helped me learn and get better at them. Now I can learn them with no problem. There are also mini games that teach you about scales and bends plus some other need to know stuff. Its nice to take a break from playing the songs and try out some of these since these are what you'll use when you write your own songs.

One downside is that you're limited to the songs they provide you, which is still a really big selection don't get me wrong, and there are lots of different styles too. But sometimes you just want to do your own thing. I guess that's when you'll get to test if the game has helped you get any better!

The only other downside I've discovered is that sometimes when you rely on the game too much, you don't actually learn the song so when you go to play it without the game it's hard to remember the notes. But as long as you don't rely solely on the game and instead use it in addition to your regular practice routine you'll be just fine.

Overall I think this game is amazing. I'm totally addicted and I play for at least a few hours a day. I've started seeing a real improvement in my playing style and techniques and I think that anyone else who tries it will think the same. Definitely have to give this game 5 out of 5 stars, and I rarely give anything that kind of credit.

My Overall Rating

5 stars for Rocksmith


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