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Rod of flaming death 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle vampire counts magic item

Updated on February 18, 2012

Rod of flaming death

Another item that returns in 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle from 7th edition is the rod of flaming death. Similar in effect it now has an overall better effect with the added bonus that it can no longer become exhausted and not used again in that battle. The rod of flaming death was originally carried by the special character Dieter Helsnicht ,a powerful necromancer who rode atop a manticore in I think 6th edition warhammer (also known as the doomlord of Middenheim).

The rod of flaming death is an enchanted item so any character can carry it though it is more likely to be useful to one that will not be engaging in melee combat at the first opportunity. Its casts a magic missile spell causing D6 strength 4 flaming hits, it also causes an immediate panic test with a chance to cause a strength 4 hit on every single model in the unit.

Tactical uses

As a enchanted item (meaning a wight king could carry it)that casts a bound spell the rod of flaming death can be kept "secret" until the ideal time to use it. With a casting value of 3+ it can be done on 1 dice with a small risk after you have lured your opponents dispel dice out of him.

Whilst D6 strength 4 flaming magic missile attacks is decent, as is the immediate panic test if a wound is caused is good it is the rod of flaming deaths other feature that makes it now so useful. If the target moves in its subsequent turn every single model in the unit suffers a strength 4 hit. If you have managed to panic them and they do not rally they will most likely be toasted, however it can also be used to pin large units in place for fear of the damage they will sustain in they move.


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