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Rodger the Alchemist - The Sacrificial Hermit - Wandering Merchant Event Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 16, 2012
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Rodger's location on the map.Delivering the potion.
Rodger's location on the map.
Rodger's location on the map.
Delivering the potion.
Delivering the potion.

This guide will cover the wandering merchant, Rodger the Alchemist and his associated event, The Sacrificial Hermit in Diablo 3, providing information on how to locate the npc and complete the objectives. These characters are usually found randomly in locations outside of each act's towns and often have their own mini quests you must complete in order to access their wares and services.

Where to find Rodger the Alchemist

Rodger is a relatively uncommon spawning wandering merchant in Act I who can be found standing at the far end of the bridge you cross when first entering the Wortham Bluffs during the quest Trailing the Coven, on the way towards the Caverns of Araneae.

The fastest way to search for this guy is actually to go through this quest normally, starting a game from the beginning of it, then heading from the Wortham Chapel Cellar waypoint until you hit the checkpoint at the Wortham Bluffs. From here you can repeatedly make games until you run into Rodger the Alchemist without having to travel very far at all. If he spawns, he is impossible to miss, standing right on your path through the area next to his cart of wares with the yellow quest giver icon for his special (and ridiculously easy) event.

You can access his wares prior to completing the event, which just consist of discounted potion and dyes along with equipment repairs. This is one of the wandering merchants you must find for the Market Research achievement.

The Sacrificial Hermit

"Hello, wanderer. I sell quality potions and dyes at a fair price. Have a look if you like! Oh, and would you do me a favor? There's a lunatic down by the caves who wants a potion to make his blood sweet, if you can believe it. Would you mind bringing it down to him?"
- Rodger the Alchemist

This is a ridiculously simple and easy to do quest, possibly even a rip on the all too often copied, rpg "give this guy over there, whom i can easily walk to, something for me so we can justify fluffing up content somehow" quests. Either way, you pretty much just have to stop and talk to the hermit who stands outside of the caves you'd normally be going towards anyways, just a few seconds down the path. Easy experience and gold, but serves to explain a little bit about a particular event that happens with the hermit later inside the caverns.

"Oh... this is perfect! My mistress will now accept me! Her blood and mine will soon sing as one!"
- Crazed Hermit


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    • profile image

      DCR 5 years ago

      Can i come back like, after i completed this area of the Act I but i'm still in Act I?

      Events keep poping even after i finished the zone?


    • SOE profile image

      SOE 5 years ago


      "Wortham Bluffs during the quest Trailing the Coven, on the way towards the Caverns of Araneae"


      I know i didn't say Act I specifically, but these area all major locations, and the Quest which are only in Act I. I'll add it anyways, but figured that was obvious enough.

    • profile image

      Somejerk 5 years ago

      say what act this is in so annoying to have to go elsewhere to figure it out