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Role Playing As An OC

Updated on August 12, 2016

What's Role Playing?

When you hear the word role playing, you may think of a geek dressing up and doing geeky stuff. What you don't know is that role playing is like acting without getting paid. Role playing is a way to escape reality and go into a person's safe zone.
There are many types of role playing. Online role playing on social media is popular than role play gaming, but people may mix up catfishing and role playing. Please note that role playing is acting with a character from a movie, tv show, or anime, while catfishing is stealing a real person's life. If you still don't know what catfishing is, I suggest you watch the hit tv show Catfish on MTV.

So, why do people role play?
Like I wrote before, people role play to escape reality and enter their safe zone. Role playing helps them get through depression, suicidal thoughts/actions, and be sociable. Role playing or RP has been around since man was made, expect they called it acting back then. Writers used role play to help them with their work. Painters would tell people to role play while he or she paints.

They Laughed At My OC

Many years back (like in 2007), I began role playing. I first started it off in notebooks because we didn't have the Internet like most people. We were living paycheck to paycheck due to the economy. I remembered some friends and I would pass my school notebook around to write down our characters' actions and looks. A teacher caught us and read the whole notebook in front of the classroom. Man, she was confused and we were proud of their work.
Fast forward to the first year of high school, we finally got Internet and my siblings and I were so excited. We can play games, go online, and do our homework on our brand new laptop and Internet. As I was on the laptop and it was a weekend, I decided to create my first role playing account on Facebook. I remembered that I wanted it to be a Naruto character because I was (and still am) in love with the anime and manga Naruto. I could have picked Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi, Sakura, Ino, etc., etc., but I didn't. Instead, I made up a character, my first OC. Now, OC means original character and that means that it's a character that's not in any fandom but wants to be. It's from the mind of the creator's.
As I created my account, I typed in its bio, looks, and jutsus, backstory, and even gave credit to the artist for the picture that I was using for my character's figure. I decided to add some Naruto role players and was super excited about it. I was a newbie at the online role playing world and it kinda scared me. I feart that I would be judged and I was right.
Some role players were amazed at my character and wanted to role play with me. I was happy that I was being sociable and making new friends, even though my parents were giving me the whole 'Don't make friends online' crap speech. I was thinking that all role players online were nice and friendly to OCs, but I was dead wrong.
One day, I received tons of messages in my inbox to delete my account, kill myself, and my character isn't in the show. I had to explain to the messages that my character is a made up and I wanted it to be in the show. They laughed at my OC and tried to report my account as a fake or spam. I was heartbroken and wanted to give up role playing, but I didn't want to go back to my depression and thoughts; I just didn't want to be back to reality.
I posted on my wall that I should give up on role playing and just kill myself because no one wants me here and in the real world. I was about to delete my account when I received a notice. I clicked on it and saw that a Naruto role player commented on my statue. I thought that they would agreed with the killing part, until I read it wholly. I would never forget the words that they wrote:

Listen, I know that you're a newbie to the online role play, but you shouldn't go killing yourself or letting people put you down because you're different than they are. I love your account and it makes me smile that I get to role play with you whenever I can. You make Naruto even more fun than it already is and I wish that your OC was in Naruto. I can picture them with the gang and everything else. Having an OC makes any fandom even more exciting. It brings more fun to the table than having the same old shit repeating. OCs are the best and I fucking hate it that they always get beaten down for nothing. OCs are just more important in a fandom than everything else. Without OCs being in one, then what's the point of role playing? Role playing is for everyone and their ideas and suppose to be fun. I don't undestand why people take it so seriously. It's for fun, not bullying people into suicide or judging. OCs are important and you need to stay to show them bullies that you're not afraid to role play as an OC. BELIEVE IT!

Don't Be A Dick

I'm not saying that all role players are bullies, but there are some that are. Most role players are really friendly and don't mind OCs. Matter of fact, OCs keeps any fandom alive when a show is on hiatus and other role players take breaks.
My point to any role player reading is this: Don't be a dick when it comes to an OC or any account at all. Role playing is just as important to them than it is to you.


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