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Rolls-Royce Dawn $ 1 million in Southeast Asia

Updated on March 24, 2016

The new luxury soft roof village in Bangkok Motor Show, Thailand with targeted towards young elite.

Rolls-Royce is making strong activity in the Southeast Asian market in order to offset any revenue shortfall due to adverse effects from China. British super-luxury firms choose Bangkok Motor Show as a place to launch the latest roadster, with the aim of attracting the attention of the elite non-traditional in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Dawn sometimes still considered a convertible version of the Wraith, Phantom Drophead like Phantom and Coupe. But Rolls-Royce has always insisted it is two completely different models, based on personal philosophy and design language in isolation. That is why they have different names. Unlike the sedan and convertible phanton earlier.

Dawn's physique is somewhat smoother

Dawn's physique is somewhat smoother, more aerodynamic. Two veins derived from the Spirit of Ecstasy symbol, open laterally rear door and rear lights converge, creating consistency throughout. On the bonnet while the two ribs sawed, as the road winds tore from the icon. Rolls-Royce experts said Dawn smoother and more fluid Wraith, by focusing on fashionable, stylish.

New type fabric hood with sound insulation and water resistance higher than that of before. Opens at a speed of 50 km / h and 20 seconds of time. When asked why loyalty to the fabric hood, experts Rolls-Royce said that if used hardtop (hard-top) demonstrates lingering with old style, while still heavy vehicles. If you want a tight car, Wraith was able to do that. Here, Dawn brings a completely different world.

Despite losing the roof storage space but still has the baggage compartment Down 21 liters, enough for two golf outfit.

The engine is a 6.6 liter V12, 563 hp power, maximum torque of 780 Nm. Acceleration to 100 km / h in just 5 seconds at speeds up to 250 km / h. British car makers do not focus much on the features by which always emphasized considering the other convertibles. Inherited the technology from BMW, Dawn promises to give the boss the experience that rare cars. Gearbox based on GPS parameters to calculate in advance situations to choose the appropriate level. Besides the Active Cruise Control, manually adjust the speed to the vehicle in front at a distance of 300 m.
The price for the standard version in Thailand is $ 1 million. Customers can personalize the personal details Bespoke program


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