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République Remastered Episode 1 Review

Updated on March 9, 2015

République is a stealth action game that was originally developed for mobile devices. It has now been remastered for PC. The game is episodic, and the first three episodes have already been released. When you buy the game on PC it includes a pass for all five episodes, even the two that have not been released. It is available on Steam, the Humble store, and GOG as of February 26, 2015.

The game explores the effects of government surveillance. There is little privacy in this world, and there are cameras everywhere. The player controls these cameras in order to see where they need to guide the main character, Hope. You must direct her around guards and hack electronic doors for her, so that Hope can escape the facility she is being kept in. If she is caught, she may have a taser or some pepper spray to get away. This will help her get awa, but the guards will be angered and on a higher alert. If she is caught she will be taken back to the nearest holding cell. The holding cells are just check points, so you can then break her out and try again.

The game looks great and story is interesting so far. The game does a great job of making you feel immersed in the story. Most story elements are not shown in cut scenes, but are actually shown in gameplay. It will seem like a cut scene, because you are not the main character. You just instruct her where to go. You are only observing her though a camera. So if Hope is captured you have no control, and can only observe. You can switch from different cameras, and view what is happening from different angles, but not much else. The closest thing to a cut scene is when you are force to a cell phone camera, and no longer have the ability to look where you choose. Some story elements are optional, and come from scanning posters, emails,and listening to voice mails.

Though the game makes you feel immersed in the story aspects of the game, the actual gameplay does not always. The guards will not hear you if you get in a locker to hide, when they are a foot away from you and facing the other direction. The only way to get caught is to be seen. It is still fun to play. It just makes it a little unrealistic and easier. Its understandable that it cannot be too realistic, because then it would not be any fun.

There is a puzzle aspect of avoiding guards. You must learn the guards path then decide how to get around around them without being seen. You may need to hack a door in order to close it. This will result in the guard not being able to see you until he gets it open, but then he will know somethings wrong. Another way you could tackle the situation is to wait until he turns around or find a different way around. You may want to go through a vent, or hide in a locker. Once you have enough points to get an upgrade you can purchase an ability that is used to distract the guards. There is not always a lot of options. Sometimes the only option is hiding in a locker and waiting for the guard to walk by.

The game is a lot of fun to play and so far the story is interesting. The game is not too challenging. It balances gameplay and story very well. This is a good game and its puzzles are interesting. It is now available on Steam for $25.


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