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Rubik`s Cube - What kind of magic is this?

Updated on February 22, 2017

Ernő Rubik - the inventor of Rubik`s Cube

The inventor was born in Budapest, Hungary, during World War II. In 1967 he graduated from the Technical University in Budapest and continued his education in the field of sculpture and design. In 1974 he invented the cube while teaching interior design at the College of Applied Arts in Budapest.

The begging of the Rubik`s Cube

The first prototype was made during a workshop at the college by cutting parts of the cube of wood and used rubber bands to make them stick together. The task was to construct it this way so that parts of it can not be removed without the whole structure to fall apart.

It took months to solve the puzzle, which he created by himself. He presented it to the students and they fall in love with the idea. When the cube was welcomed by the audience, the creator even realized that it would not be difficult to make it in large quantities because of its simple design.

"I think the brightest feature of the cube is the contrast between simplicity and complexity. Personally, I like its simplicity because it is in a clear geometric shape, "says Rubik.

The Rubik's Cube becomes a total hit

Originally the cube is known as the "Magic Cube", but in 1979 was renamed to "Rubik's Cube" when was licensed for sale by the toy company "Ideal Toy Corp". A year after the cube was already on the market. Rubik says that at the beginning toy companies believed that the invention is too complicated for people to want to play with it, but he knew that would be attracted by the challenge. And he was right.

Only in the 80s one-fifth of all people in the world surely at least have tried to solve the cube.

The first fast race arrangement of the cube was in 1982. It involved only 19 people. Winning by American who solves the problem for 22.95 seconds.

Only from 2014 onwards were held more than 400 events around the world. And although today there are countless puzzles Rubik's Cube continues to provoke interest in people. Some fans of the cube believe that interest was revived because of the Internet, where there are many videos and articles explaining the mechanism of the arrangement.

In 2015, 14-year-old Lucas Ether managed to set a world record - solved Rubik's Cube in 4.9 seconds, but in 2016 the record was improved by another boy - Felix Zemdegs doing it for 4.73 seconds. This is the fastest arrangement in humans. However, there are robots which can solve it and for a shorter time.

Regardless of the time you spend on the cube, however, there is only one solution for it and 43 000 000 000 000 000 000 different courses. According to calculations among them there are over 100 000 positions that could lead to a final decision about 20, even for 15-19 strokes.

It is distributed in four versions: 2 × 2 × 2 (Pocket), 3 × 3 × 3 (Classic), 4 × 4 × 4 (Rubik's Revenge) and 5 × 5 × 5 (professorship). In 1980 The Cube was declared the best toy in the world. It is recognized as best-selling toy, too. Up to date there are sold about 400 million cubes.

Rubik`s Cube


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