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Rubiks slide

Updated on October 4, 2010

Rubiks Slide As Seen On TV - I'm obsessed!

Ok I woke up to a new commercial and have to say I am obsessed now! Not only is it all about the 1980's which I am more than obsessed with but in the commercial for the Rubiks slide they actually have a mature lady say "its more fun than bingo". They don't only go to that level but they also have this girl go running off with it. The commercial for Rubiks Slide is absolutely insance and fun.

I am going on a few trips this fall and was downloading a million games and songs onto my iPhone. The thing is that I get tired of playing boggle after a while and you can only play word warp and other games for so long. Flip Cup is a fun app for you to pass out playing but each of them gets tiring. When I saw the show for Rubiks Slide I instantly loved it because it not only reminds me of the Rubiks Cubes from the 80's but it also has over 10K puzzles.

In the 80's I was never able to solve my Rubiks cube. I was however a master at peeling off the stickers and placing them in the right places to make it look like I did win though lol. Rubiks Cubes were perfect for long airplane trips or train rides and when I saw this and since I am traveling and have a few long flights, this looks absolutely perfect for me to keep myself busy. Even if I cannot solve an original Rubiks Cube, it doesn't mean I won't be able to solve one of the puzzles on the Rubiks Slide. Heck, if the people on the show can do I probably can too. The problem is I'll probably start bouncing around and yelling "I did it, I did it, I won" and run around as well lol.

The thing is that I really don't like games that don't challenge you.  I love word games and puzzles instead of games like poker or black jack that don't involve much skill.  (I know many people will argue that one out but black jack really doesn't involve much skill).  I love games that use strategy and games that challenge your mind.  Because the Rubiks Slide has over 10,000 puzzles I am sure there are puzzles for beginners and they probably go up to advanced.  This will be great to waste time on the plane because I can start with ones that challenge me and as I fall asleep I can try to set it to easier puzzles (If it allows you to) and then fall asleep while still making my brain work. 

I'm completely going to head to the mall and buy one for my trips as this is a game and time waster that seems absolutely perfect for flights and lay overs at the airports. I'll have to come back and let you all know how the Rubiks Slide works and if you have already bought or are going to buy Rubiks Slide, leave a comment below and let us know how you like it and what your favorite games are. The commercial for Rubiks Slide is awesome and I am sold on it.


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