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Rugby Manager - Steal My Strat

Updated on August 31, 2018

My Standard Strat

You can check out the individual player settings by viewing my team any time you want. This is the team settings, which is not visible to other players.

Just Steal it?

Rhythm - 100%
Hand Off Aggression - 72%
Pass Speed - 41%
Penetration rate - 82%
Kick rate - 20%
Attack Speed - 100%
Defence speed - 100%
Attack Spacing - 85%(varies based on opponent)
Defense Spacing - 84%(varies based on opponent)
Kicker - 15
Line Out Target - 3
Players on Lineouts - 7
Kick Off Target - 11(Varies for some opponents)
Ruck Aggressiveness - 61%
Players On Ruck(attack) - 3
Players On RUck(defence) - 3
Scrum Aggressiveness - 73
Attack Depth - 13%
Forwards-Threequaters - 100%
Rear Cover - 100%
Kick Distance - 57%
Penalty Distance Max - 45m (Change to minimum for championship matches - extend based on your level)
Drop Kick rate - 0
Drop Kick Distance max - 40m
Pass Distance Max - 40m

Player stats summary:

Forwards - My forwards are set to 0% penetration and around 60% Rhythm. This means they can last a full game and always look to get it to the backs.

Backs - My Backs are set to high penetration and 100% Rhythm. The only exception is the fullback who is set to always kick.

How Does it Work?

The combination of these settings is a team that throws big passes out wide and runs other teams off their feet. The backs run fast and breach the opposition line more often than not, and then only way a same level opponent can usually counter is to play a very similar high paced strat. The backs Rhythm takes it's toll of course, and I have subs of similar level for the entire backline which I bring on around the halfway mark, usually going through the changes at 30 minutes to have the actual substitions occur at the 40 minute mark.

The Secret Sauce

This is, the odd tweak aside, the strategy I have used since the first season I played. I have one my championship every season I have played a full season. If you check my history you can verify that. I joined part way through season 1 and took over a low placed team and made season two, then there's a season I sold up my players part way through and took some time off. I finished 8th in that season, took some time out and left my leaving strat on while I recruited a new team for a season. The strategy is pretty solid, but it's not going to win you everything by itself.

If there's secret sauce it is activity. Your players should pretty much always be recovering from training - use 30 minute trains if you can, but you need to sleep some time. And if you are going to use this strat make sure you are there to sub at half time. If you don't sub your team will run out of steam not long after half way through - and then it's just a case of whether you piled on enough points at full energy to allow for the points you leak with no energy.

If you are active, recruit good players, train consistently and sub half way through your games I firmly believe this strat will get you in the top 3 of every championship. I'd challenge you to try it, and try to understand why it works so you can make the little tweaks for big matches that make the difference between a win and a loss.

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