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RuneScape Money Making: How To Make Millions With These Three Methods!

Updated on August 20, 2012

RuneScape money making isn't hard!

Many people think that making a lot of money on RuneScape is very challenging, when in reality it only takes up-to an hour playing time daily! For some people, spending time on video games is considered to be an immense waste of time. However for those who are essentially interested in RuneScape, this is completely rational as well as very beneficial information!

Especially since some people spend over 3 hours trying to make money on RuneScape, when they can get the same results within just one hour. But I assure you that every method I put down below will take at the most 2 hours (if you're new to the methods) to make 1 million gold.

1. Buying and selling from the Grand Exchange.

This method is essentially being a merchant of items using the grand exchange. The main objective here is to research some frequently used items, and then purchase them at their lowest price. Although once the item begins to increase in price quite a lot, you sell them for their peak price. This method is one of the best since it only takes 3 minutes to buy and sell some items, however it is also quite risky if an item suddenly drops in value by a million or so.

I recommend using items that are used for player killing, like dragon daggers, or possibly some commonly used food. These tend to fluctuate in price quite a lot, causing them to be absolutely perfect for using as a merchant item.

2. Training your skills.

While training skills like Woodcutting, Fishing or Rune-crafting, you can make a lot of money from banking the things you get when you train your skills. So for instance when woodcutting you will collect wood, which depending on what you're chopping down could be quite valuable! Never just drop your wood, always bank it to make millions while getting experience! Did you know that you can actually get over 450K an hour, just by cutting down Yew trees at level 95!?

3. Player killing.

Player killing is one of the most effective ways to make money on RuneScape under two circumstances.

  1. You're very good at combat.
  2. You're against someone with very expensive items!

If both of these apply to every fight you go into, you will be able to make a lot of money from player killing. I recommend that if you are a member you have both a primary weapon, and a weapon to use for very high special attacks. This way you can hit once with the primary, then quickly switch to the special weapon for a 2-4 hit combo! You can literally take someone from full health to 0 doing this! Good luck!

Favourite money making method.

Which is your favourite way of making money on RuneScape!?

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