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Runescape Bandos Guide 2012 - How to kill Bandos Boss Godwars Guide 2012- Bandos Tassets Bandos Chestplate Bandos Armor

Updated on August 18, 2013

In this Bandos Guide 2012, I will tell your the best options regarding armor and player level as well as the risk the want to put in. There should be anything for any player. In the end, I will show you the best places of getting the killcount and more useful advice for the player (for example, you die - what to do? and so on).

I hope my guide will be helpful to you and if yes, then leave a rating in the rating section below and also drop a comment (works as guest user too) and share it with your friends!

Runescape Bandos Guide 2012 - How to kill Bandos Boss Godwars Guide 2012

Recommended stats and items:

Attack, strength, defence, constitution level of at least 90.
A summoning level of at least 67 and a prayer level of at least 70.
Recommended items and prayers: Overloads, turmoil, reverence aura, 12 or 15 minutes grave.

The above stated things are just in general. The coming part will be about different setups and strategies for the bandos guide. Note that you may also adjust the respective bandos guide for your own conditions. Maybe you will need something less, but more of another item and so on.

Bandos Guide for low levels / low risk

Reverence aura
Helm of neitiznot
Skill cape (or Obsidian cape)
Amulet of Glory
Zamorak Arrow
Whip or any other godsword
Obsidian shield
Torag pl8 body
Torag pl8 legs
Barrow gloves, dragon boots and a ring of wealth


1 super strength potion, super defence potion, super attack potion
3-5 pray potions (depending on your prayer level, you might mix it with prayer renewal)
Dragon boots, should you have no other bandos item, you can switch the dragon boots with bandos boots
Varrock teleport (or any other instant teleport tab)
Spec weapon: DDS or Dragon halberd
Trollheim teleport
Don’t forget to bring a hammer with you!
Rest: Rocktails

Summoning monster

War Tortoise – Your war tortoise will have another war tortoise summoning pouch in case the time would be over. The rest of the space is filled with rocktails.

Medium setup

Bandos Guide for medium levels / medium risk

Reverence aura
Helm of Neitiznot
Fire cape / Soulwars cape / Ardougne cape
Fury Amulet
Zamorak arrows
rapier / cls
Dragon Fire Shield
Bandos chest pl8
Bandos tassets
Barrow gloves
Dragon boots
Berserker ring


1 - 2 extreme strength, extreme defence, extreme attack potions
7-9 prayer potions (depends on prayer level) and may mix with prayer renewal
Dragon claws / Armadyl Godsword
Varrock tele tab
Trollheim tele
Rest: rocktails
if needed: 4-6 specal recovery potions (test it for yourself)

Summoning monster: War Tortoise

Your summoning familiar should have a second summoning scroll in case the time for the first one will be up. A unicorn scroll and 50 times its special scroll should be stored in your summoning monster too. Rest of the space is filled with rocktails. The second monster and the unicorn (and his special scrolls) are placed on the last space slots.

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Bandos Guide for high levels / high risk

Reverence aura
Fighter hat/Torva helmet
Fire cape/new Toktz cape
Zammorak arrow
divine/elysian shild
Torva pl8
Torva legs
Barrow gloves
Steadfast boots
Berserker ring


4 overloads (flask)
4 prayer renewals (flask)
3 super restores (flask)
Dragon claws/Armadyl Godsword
Varrock tab
rest sara brews (flask)
if needed: 6-8 special recovery potions (flask), test if for yourself how many you need
optional: Dreadnips

Summoning monster: Pack Yak

Your summoning inventory will be the following: It will have a second summon monster in case time is up.
A unicorn pouch and 100 healing aura scrolls.
7 super restores (flask)
Rest of the space: Saradomin brews with the following rhythm: 3 super restores, then one sara brew and so on. The unicorn, its scrolls, and the second monster come at the last slots.

Your inventory can vary, depending if something is in excess or something too less. This can be adjusted for the next trip, so you will be able to stay longer at the bandos place and make more kills and money in the godwars dungeon.

Way to the godwars dungeon and killcount spots

How to get to the godwars dungeon and killcount

1 kc spot
2 kc spot (one of the best)
3 kc spot
4 here u will need ur hammer
5 bandos room


Switch off auto attack
Drink your stat boosting potions. If you have an overload, then use food to get back to undamaged hp
Switch on prayers
Normal prayer: piety, item protect, and melee protect
Ancient prayers: Turmoil, item protect, melee protect
Go in and attack the Bandos boss
After finishing the Bandos boss, kill first the ranger, then the magician and in the end, the meeler. Use split soul prayer if needed in order to heal yourself
EXTRA: Should you get a good drop, then use the pack yak’s winter storage scroll in order to teleport this to your bank and have it safely there.

Good Drops of Bandos

Bandos pl8
Bandos tassets
Bandos hilt
Bandos boots
Ancient effigies
Level 3 and 4 clue scrolls
Godsword shards

In case you die

Always think in advance what you need in case you die. With a 15 minutes grave, it should be no problem to get your stuff back. Otherwise, your friends can bless your grave (if you are not doing solo bandos). THE KILLCOUNT HAS TO BE REDONE!!!
I would take 6 prayer potions with me, the best stats boosting potions so the killcount takes up less time, a Varrock tele tab, a summoning monster, which can hold more items like food or a fighting summon monster, which will help to get the killcount faster. Of course, you shouldn’t forget your food and the hammer in your inventory. At the godwars dungeon, drink all your potions to get your 40 kills faster and activate piety prayer or turmoil to get the kills even faster. Then go to bandos’ room, get your stuff back and then you can either use your teleport tab or continue killing him.

Tips and Tricks

Switch your prayers on auto prayer.
Summoning monster should be on auto-click.
Have several hammers on your bank, in case you die.
Alternatives to your plate body can also be a black d’hide, virtus top, or karil’s top.
Zamorack arrows count as a Zamorack item.
Also in the lower setups, flask pots are very advisable.
If you are killing bandos in a team, then you should pay attention to your summoning familiar. Should your summon monster attack bandos, then the bandos boss will stop attacking the tanker and attack you (the master of the summon monster) instead. This can be very deathly, because you have range protect on and no meele protect and the bandos boss can hit over 600!


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