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Runescape Christmas 2012 Event Guide

Updated on December 21, 2012
Runescape Christmas 2012. Check the Bottom of this hub for more pictures
Runescape Christmas 2012. Check the Bottom of this hub for more pictures | Source

A Stray in a Manger

Hopefully you all know what Runescape is and are excited for this years Christmas event! As of right now this will be the only event guide in text form that I've seen online. This is co-written by EctoplasmicData here on hubpages.


Santa is now for everyone. Dragons get their own Christmas Elves get their own, dwarves, goblins you name in including pets! So the pet Santa who is an ice imp is here and he needs your help getting reindeer for his sleigh. This is where the pets come in. Your job is to round up all the stray dogs and put antlers on them so pets can have Christmas This doesn't take more than 10 minutes. Then you get to keep one and go on your merry way. Events over.

The Rewards

This year runescape is giving you a Santa beard a stray puppy, stocking fillers,
"the gift of giving" and if you can get it a Santa sack. This will all be covered.

How to Start

This time round Christmas is in draynor village right outside the spooky haunted house. You can easily home teleport to draynors lodestone and your all set. Talk to Rasmus Claus and he will tell you all about it. Then he will say go find me the pups and he will tell you where to find them. The dalmatian is called rasmus's little Elper, found in Al Kharid Bazaar. The dobermanns named oddie after a scientist living in draynor. Oddie can be found outside draynor jail. The labrador is called sir chen rescue because hes from the home of the white knights who is found outside falador castle usually roaming right at the bridge and everyone's favorite mongrel in varrock slums by the rune shop is lil patch. They make this very easy by having the pups near the towns lodestone.

Once the puppies have been turned into flying reindeer you simply return to Rasmus Claus and he will ask you to wash them up. He supplies a bucket of water and you wash them. Then he stops time and after the cut scene Christmas is finished with all the little dogs and cats having presents.

Then theres the issue of the stray dogs. All they want for Christmas is a new home and new owners. So you get to choose one of the puppies to keep. You can choose any of the cities you want that you visited for this years Christmas And you can change it at anytime. If you leave it in draynor behind aggie the witches house your dog will help with the potion making. or you can choose outside falador party room where party pete'll teach it a few dance moves then there's varrock next to gutrudes place. The crazy cat lady is looking for another friend. Lastly you can choose Al kharid by the sorceress's apprentices house.

To choose you just click on the outlined location. Then its time for giving gifts. This year has a really neat new feature where you literally give other players gifts and they give you one back. You simply open your present making it inactive in which you will receive an item. Then you trade your inactive gift for someone else's inactive gift making it active. So you open it and trade with another person. As far as I've seen it has to be someone else each time. You can't farm it with a friend. I did notice however that I think I would be able to trade with the same people after a certain number of times. So that's worth looking into for all you hackers and cheaters.

Each time you open a gift of giving a pet toy is inside. There are several different colored versions of the kennels, bowls, mats, flea circus, and toys. Once you have every colored dog item you get a stocking stuffer here's the list:


Bubble maker





Purple sweets



Santa sack


Christmas pudding

Mulled Wine


Roast potatoes


Turkey drumstick

Monkey Nuts

Yule log



Lucy (Snow impling)

Some of the items are members only but so far F2P people still receive these items. The really rare items for this event is the presents and christmas tree hat (32mil average on the street) which you can get from the squeal of fortune. I suggest going to the most populated world and going to the event location. Plenty of people will say trading so you have plenty to choose from to get your items.


Well I thought this years event was rather short. The beard is nice but not hard to fake. plus its worn on the head so you cant wear a Santa hat if you have one. The bag is nice though. Just like this years Halloween they are making the free players have less fun because their event is so short. Only members can have the complete event. For years i loved coming back to runescape around the holidays to get the uber rare items but now its just too short. I used to do the event for like 2 days on all my characters now it takes me 10 minutes including lag time. Anyways that's Christmas 2012 in Runescape the 3D MMORPG in your browser. Enjoy the screenshots below! Happy Holidays!


This is all of the unlocked kennel upgrades
This is all of the unlocked kennel upgrades | Source
Quest Complete W00t!
Quest Complete W00t! | Source
I chose the closest one which is the draynor witches house.
I chose the closest one which is the draynor witches house. | Source
This is how you get the gift of giving lol.
This is how you get the gift of giving lol. | Source


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