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Runescape Drop Mining and Powermining Guide - Mining Tips From A Rune Miner

Updated on October 18, 2014
Runescape powermining in the Al Kharid mine.
Runescape powermining in the Al Kharid mine.

What Is Powermining/Drop Mining in Runescape?

Definition of Powermining

Powermining - Also referred to as drop mining (I will be using these terms interchangeably from here on out), powermining in the online MMO Runescape is the act of mining and dropping ores in rapid succession with no regard for monetary gain.

Who should drop mine?

Drop mining is for the Runescape player who wants mining levels and he wants them now. The aim is to get your mining up high enough on "easy" ores, such as iron, to be able to reap the benefits of being an upper level miner much faster.

What to Wear While Powermining?

Since you won't be running back and forth between the mine and the bank, conservation of run energy isn't as important as it is in normal mining. Still, you don't want to be wearing your fighter's torso to the mines. Just go "nude" or wear some light robes or something.

The pick is another matter, however. Bring the best pick you can afford, preferably a rune pickaxe. Rune picks are fairly cheap nowadays and can be purchased on the Grand Exchange for as little as 20k, so there really is not excuse not to have one.

* Special tip for Granite Powermining *

If you are a Runescape member and decide to go the route of granite drop mining, then it is strongly advised that your bring the following:

  • White desert gear (Buy from the Shantay Pass dudes)
  • LOTS of waterskins (eight is a decent amount)
  • No armor whatsoever

How To Powermine in Runescape

Ok, the mechanics of powermining are pretty simple.  If a Runescape bot can do it, then so can you!  Ok, pay careful attention to the steps I'm about to give you...

  1. Mine as many rocks as possible that are nearby and available (three is the magic number).
  2. Drop them from your inventory.
  3. Voilá, you've successfully drop mined!

Al Kharid Mine
Al Kharid Mine
West Varrock Mine
West Varrock Mine
East Varrock Mine
East Varrock Mine

Where to Drop Mine in Runescape - Prime Locations

As far as powermining goes, some locations are definitely better than others. You're typically going to be drop mining iron, so I'll focus on the best iron mines with a few exceptions.

Powermining Locations for Free Players (F2P)

As a nonmember, you are going to be more limited in regards to drop mining locations. Don't worry though, even as a member I did most of my powermining in areas in the free world.

  • Northern Portion of Al Kharid Mine - 3 Iron Ores
  • West Varrock Mine - 2 Iron Ores
  • East Varrock Mine - 4 Iron Ores

The three rocks in the northern portion of the Al Kharid Mine form one of the best locations for drop mining iron in the game.  Unfortunately, many people have found out about this great powermining spot and it's become quite crowded.  Still, I have many "fond" memories of the hours I wasted here!

East Ardougne Powermining Mine
East Ardougne Powermining Mine

Powermining Locations for Members (P2P)

As a member you'll have access to every mine available, provided you've completed the right quests of course! Now I'm not going to suggest some of the more obscure mines (Keldagrim anyone?) partly because they're pretty depressing, but also because there are more lucrative mines in the Runescape overworld.

  • East Ardougne Mine
  • Quarry

Yep that's really about it as far as far as members drop mining spots go.  This mine is slightly better than the Al Kharid spot now due to the updated layout.  Don't fret members, you still have access to the hottest members only powermining spot.  The Quarry.

Powermining Granite in Runescape

Members have access to granite. A useless rock that's only purpose was for a quest. But to the drop miner, granite becomes priceless. With a rune pickaxe and a decent mining level (granite requires level 45 mining to mine, so I recommend being around level 60 for it to be effective) you will be able to mine granite nearly as fast as you can drop mine iron!

Keep in mind that granite comes in three sizes:

  • 5kg - 75 exp
  • 2kg - 60 exp
  • 500g - 50 exp

Now here comes the hard part, getting to the granite quarry. Wear what I mentioned previously in the "What to Wear While Powermining" segment and follow this map through the Kharidian Desert.

Map to the Quarry

Where to powermine granite.
Where to powermine granite.

Granite Drop Mining Tips

  • If you have received the Camulet from the Enakhra's Lament Quest, you can teleport directly to the Quarry!
  • Bring Plenty of Waterskins and Your Desert Attire!
  • I recommend that you be at least level 60 mining before attempting granite mining. Otherwise iron will be faster experience.
  • I recommend going to a crowded world for drop mining, ores respawn faster on busy worlds.

Runescape Stats

Level 85 mining from hours of powermining.
Level 85 mining from hours of powermining.

Caution: Avoid Runescape Autominers and Runescape Cheats

There is no such thing as a Runescape autominer or Runescape mining cheats. Like me, you will have to do the mundane task of drop mining to get anywhere in Runescape. Through my powermining advice I was able to get to level 85 mining in under three weeks! Goodluck drop mining and avoid autoers and cheats! These are scams!!!

Now that I'm a retired Runescape veteran I have no qualms about revealing the secrets of Runescape powermining.  Buena suerte amigos!


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    • profile image

      A rs vet. 5 years ago

      There are plenty of bots around. I don't see them going away any day soon.

    • profile image

      Haha 6 years ago

      I bet all u botters cryed when they nuked. As for the few bots that are left, I make sure I kill them for dhides and dbones :)

    • profile image

      i r the botter 6 years ago

      yeah pretty much i've botted my account all the time, and i've never been caught 99 agility/fletching/magic/cooking/fm, so they do exist, and im working on smithing as well almost 87 ;)should get 80+ mining soon to balance it out

    • profile image

      Your stupid 6 years ago

      I can get 85 mining in under a week. I got from level 1-75 in 2 days. I left my bot running overnight. Sorry, but you're "hard work" was pointless. Btw, JaGex can't catch botters. ;)

    • profile image

      Ffs guys 6 years ago

      All this guy is doing is trying to help ffs stop complaning like lil noobs and respectthim for it

    • profile image

      Ramon Harmon 7 years ago

      cool blog, check mine out!

    • profile image

      Adelaide Lawyers 7 years ago

      Great hub i will consider all the information here.

      Adelaide Lawyers

    • profile image

      Scrub 7 years ago

      LMAO. he said " now that i am a retired veteran" he has no combat stats past 80. and his only good stat is mining

    • profile image

      There are bots. 7 years ago / / / many more

    • profile image

      There infact is Bots 7 years ago

      THERE ARE bots. You just got to find them.

      Hint RSBOT.

    • profile image

      Blazing Wolf 7 years ago

      who doesn't bot now days ?:P

    • profile image

      wickahubudub 7 years ago

      i bot =]

    • profile image

      Got99LevelsButABitchAintOne 7 years ago

      i bot all the time!

    • profile image

      Runescape Cursors 8 years ago

      This blog is great. I've been using this site as a reference when I'm playing Runescape. Thank you!

    • youcanwin profile image

      youcanwin 8 years ago

      nice hub

    • profile image

      runescape noob 8 years ago

      thanks for setting up this web[age thanks to you i have a mining levl of 52 =]

    • profile image

      John 8 years ago

      Btw there is such thing as an autominer because i have one and i use it never been banned.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      RS hacks/bots are no myth. firstly hacks AKA glitches have come up from time to time. there was a hack that allowed players to level up simply by clicking the asociated skill icon it was fixed. there was another which allowed the creation of non stackable items, again fixed. recently a no-clip glitch was found which allowed players to go through walls. as for bots, well where to begin. I am currently using something called RSbot. it works like a charm. I got to 30 mining 10 smithing today after 12 hrs of botting haven't gotten banned yet but still bots do work they are certainly not a myth. RSbot is free and open source like most good software so it won't cost you anything but a lvl 3 account to try.

    • lumberjack profile image

      lumberjack 8 years ago

      good luck mining am i dead yet!

      and tomdhum, most of my hubs are written for monetary incentive, but not the runescape ones. These are just for lulz

    • tomdhum profile image

      tomdhum 8 years ago from memphis tn

      I just started to blog a few weeks ago. I am really impressed with your blog. Are you doing it to try and make money. Blog back tomdhum.

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 8 years ago

      I hate to mine, I done enough just to quest. Great pointers! I will consider em.