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Protect Your RuneScape Account And Passwords: Free RuneScape Account Scams

Updated on October 15, 2010

RuneScape allows anyone to set upFree RuneScape Accounts and play their java based RPG so long as they are over 13. A 10 year old can easily sign up and say they are 13 so really, ANYONE can get free RuneScape Accounts. This is a good introduction to young people or those new to RPG wanting to get into a worldwide massive membership RPG (role playing game).

There is no end to this game. It's up to the user to decide what they want to do with it. For many, this means becoming as bad ass as possible by increasing experience and achieving high skill levels.

There is an economy to the RuneScape game. RS Gold is earned by completing various tasks, but it can take time. Many Runescape members are looking to buy rs gold and get large amounts of money with minimal or no work. They want to either find someone who will give them a free RuneScape account, or the want someone to give them tools, buy rs gold, etc. to make their exsisting RuneScape account better and their RS Gold accounts better.

Spot A RuneScape Scammer

Scammers can claim to be anyone they want to just to get your RS Gold. They scam attempt usually states that either they are tired of their account, or they are someone else and tired of the RuneScape player always using the account. It's lies and they will use any alias possible to get your information

  • Jagex Moderator
  • ex-girlfriend or current girl-girlfriend of RuneScape member
  • Mother or Father of player
  • RuneScape Player going off to college, or no time to play anymore, just feeling generous

The RuneScape Free Account Scam

There are many ways people will try and scam others on RuneScape. One in particular encourages RuneScape members to send specific info to a e-mail account.

It claims that if you send the following, you will be granted access to another account for free.

  • your account name
  • The name of an account your wish to hack or take over
  • and your password

The scam usually involves a request for extra information such as

123214### %##% youraccountname %%43245$

123214### %##% accountnameyouwishaccessto %%43245$

123214### %##% yourpassword %%43245$

The point of this is to fool the person about to be hacked into believing that this randomness is required as some sort of code to get into the Runescape website and gain access to the information.

It's a pathetic attempt but many fall for it even despite the fact the email is usually something as lame as


Protect Yourself From RuneScape Scams

  • Never give out your RuneScape password online.
  • Never say outloud your RuneScape password online
  • Set up a bank pin and never share this with anyone. It takes a little more time to get into your stuff by having to enter a whopping 4 digits, but if someone does get your user name and password, they won't be getting your stuff
  • Do not download RuneScape hacks or cheats from others in an attempt to get ahead quick. People hide other files in these. Such as key loggers or the runescape auto cutter. The runescape auto cutter program would seem like a good idea. It's not.

Free RuneScape Money Ads On Message Boards

It would seem simple to others to never give someone else your password to anything online. It's not this obvious for others. Regardless of age or Internet experience, RuneScape is a game for everyone, even those that are easily taken advantage of by not being aware of online scamming.

Players are being scammed by others with a alluring advertisement such as more RS Gold. On RuneScape message boards for players, people will claim they are longtime RuneScape players with huge amounts of RS Gold, tools, etc.. They have decided they are tired of playing RuneScape, and that they are going to give away the millions of free RS Gold.

Young kids and inexperience Internet users can easily fall for this free RS Gold scam. These "players" sound quite convincing. They are going off to college, their girlfriend won't let them play anymore, they are looking to do something different and want to spread goodwill. Most of us wouldn't by this for a second but people do fall for this.

Other RuneScape Scams

  • Do not download programs that do your RuneScape work for you. These programs can contain harmful files such as key loggers. Key loggers can record your user name and password and anything else you type. This is another reason to have a bank pin.
  • Be wary of links sent by other Runescape players and do not open any files sent.
  • A website does not mean the owner is not a scammer. Be wary of doing any transactions with a third party RuneScape related website
  • Do not say your password outloud if you are using a microphone headset with the game. One scam has players telling other players that you can't hear a players password if they say it outloud. They imply that somehow the game might block the word as a protection. This is ridiculous and doesn't happen. You say your password, everyone near you hears it, scammers race to try and liquidate your account.
  • NOBODY at Jagex needs your password to fix something on your account. They can do it from their end without any confidential info from you. Ignore anyone saying that they are from Jagex and need your password to work on your account.

The generous player giving away free RS Gold asks for the other players name and password (They will also ask for your bank pin if you have one). Some specify that they only want to give away to regular players and not new members. They may claim they hate newbs. What they really want is players that have been doing this forever so that they can get the most from there account as possible.

To make it look like everyone else is already doing it, they will create other aliases with fake player names and passwords and post them on the message board as if they were responders.

This really does work and is quite profitable for the scammer. Instead of giving you free RS Gold, they go into your RuneScape account and clear out everything that they can take. Not just your RS Gold, but everything that you have in your RuneScape account.


For some, the thrill of the steal. For those with ill intentions its a great way for them to learn to love the thrill of scamming someone else. It's not hard to scam a kid or a grown adult who knows nothing about password security and what others can do to your accounts out of their RS Gold.

These scammers can sell and trade what they collect from those they scam and turn a real profit. Even on Ebay, RuneScape accounts, RS Gold, and other RuneScape items are sold for real cash.

RuneScape: The Official Handbook
RuneScape: The Official Handbook

This helpful handbook includes tips on how to master the free-version of this online adventure game. Includes detailed maps and information on all the characters and creatures contained in the medieval world of RuneScape.



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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      got hacked just today, lost full dragon. my computer logged on me, and then i see my account in lumbridge with nothing. =(

    • profile image

      old guy 

      8 years ago

      once i was a level 87 with full sara and 87 wcing i got hacked and recovered my account 1 year later and it had 99 str and 99 wc and 60m i was so happy

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I got hacked once. i had a lvl 136 and i was wit dis dude and my computer restarts it self and i lost my account. but i told rs and i got it back. when i got it back i had everything dragon. 999mill on it i was pissed untill i saw this

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i got hacked four times one was a lvl 64 others all 60 and below

    • Sparhawke profile image


      8 years ago from Manchester

      A great hub, I have been playing now for around 4 years (to the day on the 9th) and am heavily involved in fansites...And it possible you could recognise the name from Sals lol

      Nice to see this information from another source :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i got hacked. all my accs (1 skiller and 3 pures and my main) had same pass. i logged on all of them and they all had a skull over their heads. i went on my skiller who couldnt do pvp and it had 10 mil of stuff on it but it wasnt my pures and mains gear. its double the worth of all the stuff i had on those accs. idiot hacker. although i am acc sharing with someone but i changed pass on him then i got hacked then changed back then he got bored of it. i trusted him cuz he gave me one of his accs. i hope he wasnt the one who hacked me.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      one time had a lvl 126 account i know a lot of scams and i was in a dungeon near the wilderness so i went in with a guy and a couple min later my cpu shut off i got back on and my password was changed! i tried to reedeem it but when i got it back EVERYTHING I HAD was gon aka DRAGON ARMOR 989MILL rofl now i have a 126 and i am smart and a lvl 57

    • profile image

      zam 2 go 

      8 years ago

      i used to have a acc 3 years ago. got hacked... now made new acc lvl 55 and added the old one . not ever used and they just do it for (FUN). i told rs and they gave me the acc back... the guy had full sara and 600k. was very happy.


    • profile image

      I need A acc that can weild rune plate body,plate legs, and a sword or scim. 

      8 years ago

      i will just start by saying i got hacked i cant get back on my acc on runescape when i was so close to weilding rune and its all messed up now cuz i cant get on so i am asking any one really fast if they can give me a acc through this website that the avatar is a boy and can weild rune plz help ill give great faith in ur kindness if u give me 1 bye.

    • profile image

      hi im nic 

      8 years ago

      i jus thought id share this cuz its sorta funny. about 4 years ago on rs i was a newb, and a person offered me 1 mil gp to folo em and he had brought me to these poison things. i was wearin full rune with chain omg lol an i was tricked an looted by scammer :/ lol all b4 updates an good job jagex most old scams are un usable anymore =]

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Watch out because one time this kid i knew gave me $50 for my account and i gave him it then apperently it got hacked and he wanted his money back so i was nice and gave it to him but then i caught him playing on my old account

    • profile image

      jo jo bob (not my real name) 

      9 years ago

      i have had a big problem with hackers and my stupid friend falls for them all the time.. he even gave awway his mem level 110 because the guy said they could trade accts..., he is not very smart

    • Dangazzm profile image


      9 years ago

      Good job! I think it should be noted that if you want an auto clicker for Runescape. Make one that fits your need with Autoit. Learn a little make it yourself guaranteed clean that way too.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I have a story,once i went on a website to buy 2 million gp. i did it and my account was hacked. i did my recovery questions and changed my password, when i went back on it i had my 2 million gp, and the hacker had got me over a million pure rune essences. i got rich off the hackers labour.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      thank you very much this information has been useful

      i still dont see why people are so desparate to hack

    • profile image

      uneringo (false name) 

      10 years ago

      This day an other player came to me and wanted to trade. I accepted and he wanted to give me a helmet and other stuff. I declined the trade and told him to go away. But he refused and followed me. Suddenly, the playscreen disappeard and the page of bug report came up.

      So, i wonder, did he manage to hack my account in some way? I did not tell him any information, but right after the trade the screen felt away. Or isn't Runescape safe at all?

    • profile image

      power sonic6 

      10 years ago

      i wish i can do it

    • prasadjain profile image


      10 years ago from Tumkur

      What a detailed work you have done! hats off!


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