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Runescape- Free Trade and Wilderness Return!

Updated on February 14, 2011

That's right everyone, the Wilderness and Free Trade in Runescape is back! After dissapearing for over a year, Runescape had a poll in which millions of players responded to within 24 hours! The extraordinary number of voters in the poll made the Runescape team realize that the Wilderness and Free Trade are huge factors in their massive online game. Deciding to take action immediately, Runescape created a new official poll which would decide the fate of Runescapes most beloved factors: the Wilderness and Free Trade. This poll was open for about a month and gave the voter two options along the lines of:

1. Bring back the Wilderness and Free Trade

2. Keep the game as it is now

The History Behind It

Ok so before I tell you what happened you should know how this came to be in the first place. Over a year ago Runescape took away the ability for free trade between players. Before they took it away, players were allowed to trade whatever they wanted with each other for whatever price. Some unlucky players were getting ripped off through trades like this because they were either new and didn't know the cost of the items, or the seller was using techniques in which they might trick the buyer into buying an item for a very high price. Because of this, Runescape took the free trade away. So that covers what "Free Trade" is and how it got taken away, now for the Wilderness. In Runescape the Wilderness used to be a place where PvP (Player vs. Player) combat was allowed. The winner would get everything in the players bag. Well similar to why free trade got taken away, players were falling for scams and were losing valuable items. For the players protection, Runescape took this PvP combat away from the wilderness and instead added powerful computer controlled monsters to the Wilderness. They also created PvP worlds but I won't get into that.

So what happened with the poll?

Now that you know why the Wilderness and Free Trade were taken away, I will tell you what happened with the poll. So as I already mentioned, their was an option to vote to bring back the Wilderness and Free Trade, or to keep the game as it was after they took it away. Well, of the millions of players who voted, over 95% of them wanted the Wilderness and Free Trade to return. After receiving these amazing results, Runescape promised to bring back the Wilderness and Free Trade by Febuary 1st. And they did!

Runescape Today

Today, Runescape once again allows PvP combat in the Wilderness, and Free Trade all throughout the Runescape World. Many players are overwhelmed with raging excitement by this change. Its time for you to join the fight and become the dreaded PvP slayer! For even more info visit the Runescape's Website!

Helpful Wilderness Tips


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