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Runescape Money Making Guide 2014 2013 new

Updated on April 15, 2014

A short guide/tutorial of how to make money on Runescape and also how to become rich on Runescape fast. This is a tutorial/guide on one of the best ways to make money on Runescape for members. This guide does not require any stats so therefore can be carried out by anyone who is a member and is suitable for skiller's or pures.

Members Money Making Guide

One of the best ways to make money in Runescape at this current time for pures or people who do not have high stats is by tanning Green Dragon Hides. Below i will explain the simple 5 step process in making money from Greenhide Tanning.

Step 1: Go to the G.E and buy as many green dragonhide's as you can but also remember to keep at least 50k in your pouch because you will need this later.

Step 2: Now you have your green Dragonhides you will need to go to Al Kahrid Bank and withdraw 28 un-noted Dragonhides you should also make sure that you have at least about 50k in your pouch as you will need this money to pay for tanning the hides.

Step 3: From the Al Kharid bank you need to walk north to the tanning shop and once there you will need to trade with Ellis.

Step 4: When in trade with Ellis you can now tan all of your green dragonhides into green dragon leather.

Step 5: Head bank to the bank and repeat this process over and over again.

What should i wear?

To be honest it does not really matter what you wear when doing these trips but i recommend wearing the lightest clothes you have as this will help you rune faster and longer from bank to tanner. If you have boots of lightness or a spotted/spottier cape, wearing any of these items will also reduce your lightness and help you rune quicker therefore meaning you can get more trips in a shorter amount of time ultimately meaning more profit for you!


Green Dragonhide:- 2,352gp

Green Dragonhide Leather:- 2,705gp

Cost of Tanning :- 20 coins

Profit per hide:- 333gp Profit per Trip(28 hides) :- 9.3k

I hope this guide helped you, if it did please comment below as i really appreciate your comments and also remember to vote this page up, leave feed back via the quick action buttons and also check out my other Runescape guides by clicking on my Profile!!! :)


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    • profile image

      peddler 3 years ago

      Exiles kalphites are great as well. With a beast of burden and high combat, you could easily make 1 million in an hour.

    • profile image

      mijsmith1981 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Thunder7130 4 years ago

      Personally I found that my favorite way to make money is killing red dragons then selling the hide on GE. Good training for skills plu 100k a trip. Of course you need to be high combat level

    • profile image

      DFlight 4 years ago

      Blue dhides sell for 2k ea overnight, 2.1k instant sell at any time (TY to bots for that.) They then sell very high thanks to crafters (I average a profit of 700-800 gp per hide).

      Using 30GP energy potions it's possible to easily achieve 3k+ tannings an hour and easily surpass 1.5m per hour.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Not a bad method, but if your a member, I feel there is, or at least used to be when I played many better ways on making $$$ on RS.. Dragons aren't bad, but I know a few methods that you can make upwards of a half a mil an hour, but takes high skills, and a good amount of effort.

    • JBastow profile image

      JBastow 6 years ago from Gateshead United Kingdom

      LOL it will check out my other guides as well and also remember to vote this page up and give me some feedback too Thanks! :D

    • profile image

      deathiscming 6 years ago

      lol this better work

    • JBastow profile image

      JBastow 6 years ago from Gateshead United Kingdom

      LOL thanks

    • profile image

      lol 6 years ago