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Runescape Training

Updated on June 19, 2010

Runescape training is not as easy as it may first appear. Granted, the tasks necessary to increase skills in Runescape are sometimes menial and mindnumbing, but true Runescape training requires a steady hand and a steady mind.

Early Runescape levels come quickly giving the feeling of 'this is easy'. However, making level 50 in any skill requires only 101k experience points (xp). Every level's requirements are higher than the previous level. If you get a skill to level 99, you will have produced over 13 million xp. In order to advance that far, you will need to spend hundreds of hours on each skill.

The tricks to accomplish this are not cheats, just smart thinking and smart planning.

First, be efficient and plan ahead. Find a source of materials close to a place where they can be processed. Example: To train woodcutting on Willow Trees, after level 30, you might try cutting behind the bank in Draynor Village. When your inventory is full the bank is a brief run away. Seek nearby processing locations for all training.

Second: use quick transport whenever possible. Examples: Fairy Rings, Explorer's Ring, Gnome Teleports, Teleport Runes, etc. Using these smartly can cut transport time, and thus training time by more than half in many cases.

Third, set goals for yourself. You may want to reach level 99 in Woodcutting, but a more reachable goal for beginners is to reach level 30. Once that is accomplished, shoot for level 50. As each short goal is reached, set a new reachable goal and go for it.

Fourth, use the best equipment possible for your level, and practice the most advanced tasks that are possible for your level. The better equipment will lower task completion times, and the advanced tasks will gain more xp per time spent.

Fifth, be patient. The process to level 99 is quite long. You are going to be repeating the same task over and over and over. If the task becomes unbearably boring, take a short break. Either do something else in Runescape for a bit, or do something else in RealLife for a bit. Give your mind a brief vacation and the task will be more bearable when you return.

Sixth, be social. Many tasks allow a few seconds of free time. Chat with other players around you, if for no other purpose than to gripe about the boring task you are doing. This can break the monotony and provide mental relief. Also, you may be able to glean some advice for future training.

There are many more tips and tricks in Runescape, but if I tell you everything, you won't be able to discover it for yourself.

Runescape is not meant to be accompished all at once. Take it easy; enjoy the game. Finding satisfaction in the doing, rather than the finishing, can be relaxing. Using these tips will not make the job quicker, but can ease the process.


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