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Runt Bike review

Updated on November 16, 2009

Runt Bike review

Runt Bike Review

By Steve Robson

The Runt bike was a design for a fun, toy bike in 2000/ 2001 time frame. Is was only 24 inches long and 27 inches high. The bike was subject to a recall in the fall of 2001. Soon after this, the bike was taken off the market. In the year of 2001. I had bought a runt bike. It would be a fun bike to try out. Here are some thoughts about the Runt Bike and how it works out. The example I have is the early model that has the free wheel gear and has no brakes or chain guards. The later models where fitted with these items just before they where pulled from the market.

The Runt Bike name describes the to a tee. It is a very small package. Although it is small, it can hold up to 300 lbs. It uses both a rear and front shock. The tires are only 6" in diameter. The bike was bought with a number of things in mind. I liked the small size of it. You can just ride it around the house if you want to. It makes for an attention getter it ridden out doors. It has become a favorite of clowns when used to ride in parades and entermainment events. I have read a number of sites with people looking for used models to be used today.

The ride quality is very slow but the pedaling rate to go slow is fast. The speed you get up to is only walking speed. When the seat post is extended, I sit on the bike with my knees bent. The bike is strong so you can also stand on the pedals and pedal it. I have a feeling that the original pedals would wear out fast I have not used the bike a lot so I can try to keep this bike in as original condition as possible. Seeing that this bike was only made for a short of time, I see it as future collectable bike. Keeping it in good condition will keep up it's value. Not so much for any great amount money but the value of keeping it in good original condition for people to see one in factory fresh shape.

This bike is a cult item to some now. It makes for a interesting type of bike to pull out every now and then to use. Although I have it as a collectable, it is a bike that needs to be ridden as well. It just fun to be like a kid every now and then.

My Runt Bike.
My Runt Bike.

Stunt Ridden Runt Bikes

Dave's Runt Bike Video


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    • john hayls profile image

      john hayls 6 years ago

      The Runt bike is like a fun bike. I bought the cycle few day ago. It has free wheel, gear, brakes or chain guards.

    • profile image

      dunes 7 years ago

      go see my mini bike !!!!MUST SEE!!!!

    • profile image

      dunes 7 years ago

      I have a mini bike like that but it's NOT a runt it a ez rider i'll post an other comment if you want to see it on youtube

    • profile image

      enriquehdez 7 years ago

      i was looking like a crazy this wheels i have a runt bike and i want to keep it original as possible.

      My problem is i live in germany.

      but guess what.

      i have one place where i, you or others can bui it the wheels.

    • stevbike profile image

      stevbike 7 years ago from Newbury, Ontario, Canada

      Seeing that the bike has been discontinued for at least 8 years, the only way of getting a replacement parts is to look for used runt bikes on e-bay. That is all I can say about getting your bike fixed up. Good luck!!


    • profile image

      Collin DeBello 7 years ago

      you can most likely find them online in not then i don't know possibly a bike retail shop, or a bike repair shop, but if no luck i hope the best for you.

    • profile image

      Donna 7 years ago

      Do you know where you can buy replacement tires for the runt bike? Thanks