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Updated on May 12, 2016

Rust Trailer

What is Rust about?

Rust is a first person survival game in which you join a server with nothing but a rock and a torch ( burning stick ) . You must gather resources such as wood, stone, metal, and blueprints. There are other essential things as well but this what I would call to be the most important of all of them. You go hunting for animals to get food, you live the hard life of being hunted by players. Rust is not an easy game, you will die many times before you manage to get things running properly.


Depending on how long you have been playing on the server for, you will have a different sized base - unless you move around from place to place. Having a base is a good idea because it allows you to quit the game without being worried of dying; whenever you leave rust, your body sleeps on the floor allowing players to steal your items or even kill you, that is why you should leave the game whilst inside of a base. At first you base will be constructed of wooden sticks but after some resourceful gathering you can upgrade to wood, stone, metal, or this mixture of stone and metal which gives a very strong defence against explosives and other ways of damage. If you have a door on your base, put a key lock on it, or a code lock, either way make sure that the door is locked to other players, you can see this by a red dot on the key lock or a red light on the code lock.


This is linked to items. Sometimes in Rust you may notice a plane flying over the map, if so you should be ready. The planes can drop cargo ( air-drops ) which normally contain highly valuable things such as automatic guns, ammo, C4, etc. But watch out, the airdrop can be seen for a long distance and people will want to get there before you so you may die!


Wood and stone, then metal and sulphur, these materials are required or contribute towards; the making of most items. Although most are crafted you can find some out by landmarks inside of crates or barrels, barrels mostly contain crude oil or blueprint fragments but crates can give you things such as non-craftable guns with ammo. Sometimes you can find care packages, these are simply just cardboard boxes on the floor which have food and water inside them - just so you don't die so easily. 60 blueprint fragments can be used to make blueprints, these can be revealed to show an item that you could craft, you learn the blueprint and then you can craft the item if you have the right resources. 5 blueprints can be made into a blueprint book which can give you more things to learn.


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