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Rygnar Idol - Chamber of the Lost Idol - Event Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 4, 2012
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This guide will cover the Rygnar Idol event which takes place in the Chamber of the Lost Idol in Diablo 3, providing information on how to complete and find it. Events like this are essentially small mini quests that often provide gold, experience and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

How do you find the Chamber of the Lost Idol?

The chamber which the event takes place in can spawn in one of four different locations within the Stinging Winds region of Act II. In the picture to the top right, you will find four blue points with arrows drawn between that show the four possible spawn locations and the quickest route to check for the dungeon. Basically, take the waypoint to Khasim Outpost and travel one of the two paths and check the two spots on said path. Once at the end of one, you can portal back to town, then waypoint back to the outpost and check the opposite path.

One more thing to keep in mind during your search, is that the Chamber of the Lost Idol shares a possible spawn point with The Ruins and the Crumbling Vault, meaning only one of these three can spawn in a game, although there always is one of said three. If you find one of the other two dungeons you aren't looking for, stop your search early and make a new game since that is a clear sign you won't be able to find the chamber in your current game.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

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Meeting Poltahr in the chamber.Clearing out the dungeon.The idol ready to grab.Skeletal Summoners spawn to defend it.
Meeting Poltahr in the chamber.
Meeting Poltahr in the chamber.
Clearing out the dungeon.
Clearing out the dungeon.
The idol ready to grab.
The idol ready to grab.
Skeletal Summoners spawn to defend it.
Skeletal Summoners spawn to defend it.

The Rygnar Idol

"I've spent months searching these deserts for the Rygnar idol. It is here n these ruins; I know it! I've survived starvation... dehydration... cultists... demons.. But this place is too much for me. You look like you could help me find it. I've come too close. I can't fail now!"

Lead Poltahr through the dungeon to find the Rygnar Idol

The first phase and longest par of this event consists of your typiucal dungeon clearing, fighting through the various enemies that occupy most Act II dungeons of this type, so mostly undead spirits. You can see specific details about the area below in the dungeon information section if you would like more specifics on what you'll find here. Other than that, this part of the event will be relatively random and unpredictable until you manage to locate the idol.

"The Idol! We found it! It was worth it! Everything! Now that it is at hand, I find myself filled with trepidation. Would you take it for me?"

Take the Rygnar Idol and Defeat the Guardians

Once you've found the idol, which will be somewhere towards the end of the long underground chamber, Poltahr will ask you to grab the object for him. Once you grab the item, part of the floor will fall away and four Frost Guardians will spawn in the corners of the room (the only ones you'll find in here). These guys should be easy to take on compared to what you've dealt with already, since you've probably cut down a few elite or champion packs to make it this far. Once done, you'll receive your experience and gold reward after a short talk with Poltahr and a piece of the floor will turn into a portal going back to the entrance of the dungeon in the Stinging Winds.

Chamber of the Lost Idol - Dungeon Information

Size: Medium/Large
Layout: Very random but mostly linear.

Loot Containers
Ceremonial Table, Chest, Dead Plunderer, Dead Villager, Poltahr's Satchel (Drops Poltahr's Notes), Weapon Rack

Enemies Found
Bone Warrior, Frost Guardian, Noxious Guardian, Skeletal Ranger, Spine Hewer

Monster Level Ranges
  • Normal: 16-20
  • Nightmare: 38-41
  • Hell: 54-56
  • Inferno: 62

*Comments adding or correcting information are appreciated and will be credited.


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